Monday, June 10, 2013

Down to Business, Show Business and Back to Business

Today I began my third annual Summer Art classes! Sadly though, this is the last time I'll be doing it here as we'll be in Wickenburg in a year. 

I cannot really post pictures of their project, because this first one is for Fathers Day which is this weekend. So that project will have to wait until after this Sunday. 

Therefore, here's a catch-up of last month's events at the end of the school year. 

On May 18th, Mikelle had her Triple Threat/Crew Show which showcased Pop Culture and Historical Events since the 1950s. Most of the kids dressed in 80s outfits, but Mikelle wore the Groovy Hippie top and some of those duds from my Halloween 2011 costume. She was upset that I sold her 80s costume nine months ago. But I reminded her she was 10 when she wore that costume, so I doubt she would have been able to really fit into it now anyway. Plus, it was good that she and a couple other kids wore outfits from the other decades. Otherwise, it would have been an all "80s Show" despite the music and events from the preceeding decades. 

And even though she didn't want to, I had her wear her Groovy Duds a few days later so we can get a nice close-up.

The day of Mikelle's performance was interesting. We had a birthday celebration for our friend Bruce, so we basically had to leave after seeing a movie with our friends, run to Mikelle's show, and then run back to a restaurant where our group was having dinner. Now that's dedication! (as friends and parents...though the best would have been to magically have the events on different days! haha)

Birthday Bruce with his Vulcan Ears
Meanwhile, Christian dazzled us last Month by making High Honors and receiving a medal for maintaining High Honors scores for the whole school year!

May 22nd Awards Assembly - High Honors Medals

It's been quite a year for Christian! The school-wide Student of the Month for December, ELP (Gifted) Program, enjoying after school music and performances, and working hard with his grades. We are so proud of him!
With his Medal!

And I almost forgot his class performance of 101 Dalmations! He played the Black Labrador! This was cool because it was held on a Monday, so Chris was able to see it too. 

I love this above picture because of the Dalmation helping Cruella De Vil of course, but check out Christian's smile in the background. 

Christian in Character!
It was really cute little production!

And coming back tot he present, Mikelle returned from her Idaho/Wyoming trip last night. 
Yes, she wasn't too pleased that I was taking pictures at the gate. But I feel it was the least she could endure after the pat-down I had to endure going through security en rote to her gate (No, I don't have a picture or video of that)

The culprit was the under-wire of my bra, but they still had to do the pat down. It's fine. I'm not as cranky with the TSA that many are. I'm just confused why the under-wire didn't set anything off when I was taking her to the airport about 10 days earlier. Therefore, I blame the bra brand. 

Public Service Announcement: Don't wear a Chantelle bra if you have to go through security. Other than that, I have no complaints about the Chantelle bra. They're not cheap, so they're often a tax return splurge once a year, and if I'm lucky, when they go on sale at Nordstrom in July!  I don't know yet if I get to participate in next month's sale, however.  It kind of depends how many more students I have sign up for my art classes! 

And yes, the leash came out at the airport. And I am not kidding, later Alexander jumped on the baggage carousel! 

(No, I don't have a picture or video of that)

 I insisted to make sure this moment above was captured on film (or digital data I guess....)

So now it's back to business! Surviving the Summer!

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