Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Starry Nights!

The Starry Night Mixed Media Project strikes again! I've done with my elementary students back at Heartland and I've done them with my Cub Scouts (Bears) back in December. However, up until now, I hadn't done it with my summer classes!

Well, now is as good of a time than any to rectify that! 

The reason it's a "Mixed Media" project is because the background (first stage) is done with oil pastels. I put out white, yellow, gold, and blue oil pastels. From there, the students make their "starry night" about 3/4 to 2/3 of a way down the blue surface.

Stage 1: Stars and "Starry Night"

This one is supposed to be counter clockwise vertical...
Then the second stage is to add multi-layers of the mid-ground which is the mountain and hills. I try to encourage the students to overlap a little of the sky they created as to create that depth of space. However, it's hard for some students to grasp the concept of covering up something they just drew.

Stage Two: Mid-ground of Mountains and hills.

The third stage is adding the village to the foreground. And tomorrow, I will encourage them to put in a large tree (also in the foreground, but even perhaps overlapping a house or two), reminiscent of the tree in Van Gogh's original 1889 "Starry Night".

Third Stage: Village and up-close Tree if applicable

My older student is also on a collage project with a patriotic theme. I previously picked up some old maps and magazines with the patriotic colors and themes in them (this time of year is great for finding those). I went to a used books and magazine store called Bookmans. Wow - that place is dangerous. I'm glad it's ind of far away enough to not beckon me more often! 
Here is her "Textured Hand" project that she completed after her "Designer Hands" project. 

Yes, I know I've said plenty about the heat here. Well, no need to say it again. It's said perfectly from this newsclip this morning. 

A friend on FB immediately tagged me and sent it to me saying this had ME written all over it. And as you can see from Cory, the weatherman, I'm not the only one who feels this way! Click HERE.

And just so he is not misunderstood as too dramatic, this is the extended forecast in which he was referring:

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