Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fathers Day 2013

As promised, here are the Fathers Day Projects my June Summer Art Students completed last week to present to their Dad's last Sunday! They reported that their Dads loved them!

The blocks with the "We Love Daddy" is by two students that are brother and sister. That way they can work on the same amount of blocks, but their Dad would get just one set. 

7 Year Old Student's Dad Blocks
6 and 9 year old Students' Dad Blocks
As for our Fathers Day, we presented Chris with an Iphone case with the below collage of pictures.  The uneven parts on the sides aren't shown on the actual gift. It's cropped in a nice even vertical rectangle on a metal plate as part of his Iphone case. 
We also gave him a funky photo holder of a shark that looks like it's eating someone (it's more funny than violent), but I didn't get the picture of it. However, I do want to order a print of this picture below of Christian and Alexander from last October for Chris to use for that photo holder:
Now for our Fathers Day pictures. When you have an almost 13 year old, it doesn't matter if you've taken these pictures every Fathers Day/Mothers Day/Easter/Christmas or what-have-you since her birth. 

She'll still act appalled when you ask her to get in the picture (and surprised that you're taking the picture and appalled that she's expected to be in it), and fight you on it even though it means you might be slightly late for church. At least it's summer and all the lucky people have left hell - I mean town - and there were still plenty of soft seats available.

The making of a Fathers Day picture:
I don't recall Christian wanting to hide. This is just what happened with this shot.

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