Friday, February 22, 2013


The "Phoenix Blizzard" trumped a few important tidbits that should have been added here days ago. 

I am constantly amazed at Alexander's intellect. I am also worn out by it. When you have a high-energy toddler who also absorbs information and craves stimulus at such a record pace, naps become a craving. 

Thank goodness for aerobics. While I am frustrated that the numbers on the scale haven't seemed to budge, I am in better shape and feel better with such a strict exercise schedule and regimen. In fact, I wish I can up the ante and run a few miles on the treadmill in between aerobics days. However, that's difficult with X-man.

Christian and Mikelle have always loved the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. But who would have guessed a 26 month old would as well? However, Alexander loves them and looks through them constantly. And he wants us to read them to him. 

You can see the wheels spinning in his brain so quickly. Combine that with head-stands, athletic abilities like jumping from 'too high' of surfaces and wanting to play basketball with tall 9 year olds, and we have quite the daily adventures. The other day it was so adorable. I was finishing my make-up or putting on earrings or something in front of the mirror in my bathroom and Alexander brought me my shoes. He started to lift up my feet and put the shoes on my feet! And they were the correct shoes for the correct feet. Today he did it with a pair of doggie slippers he found in Mikelle's room.

Christian was high energy and very smart from the beginning as well. However, his vocabulary was more limited and he was more "gadgety" in his exploits (but don't get me wrong - he was a Tazmanian Devil conquering all around him). Alexander is taking care of the rest (Christian was lateral. X-man likes to also explore the vertical!). 

It's so funny how these two boys are so similar and yet so different. They're definitely cut from the same cloth, but have different patterns. 

Sugar Does Phoenix!!!

I am doing a huge Art Show at the end of March! "Sugar" is an event (different dates around the country - I'm doing the Phoenix one of course) that gathers a different group of female artists, photographers, fashion design, and others. 

Normally, you have to apply to be approved for such an event. However, the creative director came to me and asked me to do the event!

I'm a little apprehensive because I never seem to make many sales at shows and it's always an investment to be in the show. However, the venue ("The Duce" in downtown Phoenix, near Chase Field) and "rock star" type of atmosphere that these Sugar shows generally promote may bring more interest and specific audience to my work than a typical "run of the mill" vendor art fair. 

Therefore, we'll see! I'm pretty excited about it and only have another month to prepare! I already changed up my nails and now have purple glittery tips! Haha (I have to get into the spirit of the event....I can write it off as a business expense, right?)

 Link for more information, times and tickets.

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  1. I love that Alexander brought you your shoes. So cute.

    Good luck with the show!