Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Piece of Work

So Alexander escaped Nursery *again* today. This time it was kind of funny  (the other time? Not so much). 

Apparently, Alexander kept bringing his shoes (that he keeps taking off) to Dorothy Curry (sweet lady...she really is!) to have her put them on. Since this is a continual thing, she said to him, "No, your Mom is going to have to do that..." 

Therefore, my way-too-smart-for-his-age toddler thought, "Okay...!" He showed up down the hall holding his shoes out to me. I looked around, puzzled, wondering where he came from and who had him. Good thing this occurred at the end of church and I was already on my way to the nursery.  

This kid is a piece of work. 

He barely turned two just over a month ago, and it was a month or so before that where he began showing us letters and saying their names. He also points to pictures and says what they are. That sounds normal, but he points to a picture of a planet and says, "Earf.." (earth) and the way he points out different animals is amazing too. Not only that, but he is quite the acrobat (headstands on a rocking chair?! Oh yes...he does that...), athlete and a dancing clown.  And can I just say that the way he says his brother's name is just adorable? For Christian, he says "Nin-nin..." He sometimes calls Mikelle "Kell", but we sometimes hear the "m" sound too.

This kid has so much personality, that my descriptions just don't give it as much justice as it deserves. 

Moving onto another piece of work is part of a project I'm finishing up in the next couple of days. This is a custom piece from a return customer. I've already added the color accents, but here are some little snippets before that stage:

This wasn't saved "upside down". This is how it keeps coming up. Grrrrrrr........
And my LUCKY Blocks are done! I haven't posted them (they're "Made to Order") on my Etsy shop yet because I'd like to take some better pictures of them first. The above Custom project has taken precedence over that. 

Until next time...

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