Monday, August 20, 2012

Beauty, Bumps, Birthdays, Babies and Blahs....

Chris at age 2? 3?
It's Monday and I'm feeling kind of in the 'blahs' again. A lot of it is the heat and hibernation. Alexander is also really good at climbing, getting into things and he manages to bump his head at least once a day. Today he bumped the back of his head on my forehead. I think I'll have a bruise too. Not only that, but it is becoming impossible to go into public with him. He has a fit in the shopping cart and keeps trying to crawl out and make an escape. Oh, those belts on the cart? Useless. He's Houdini with them.  And restaurants? Impossible. He won't stay in the high chair and making him stay and making him sit means a screaming fit. It's pure mayhem. 

We tried to go out for Chris's birthday last Friday night and it was clear that it was a huge mistake with the high chair screaming fit.  It's pretty bad when you're already in a noisy "kid area" part of the restaurant and your kid screaming makes everyone look.

Oh, yeah, like I mentioned. Chris had a birthday, so made sure to post this favorite picture of mine!

I did finish a new temple print, but Chris won't be in the office for at least another week for him to scan it for me so I can have it ready for anyone that would like a print. Therefore, prints of it won't be available at my Etsy shop until at least August 29th. However, I'm impatient and not good at waiting, so I'm showing it anyway! 

It's the San Antonio Temple. I haven't been there, but Chris has. He also talks about the beautiful stained glass adornments on this temple and I knew I had to incorporate it. 

Actual pictures of the San Antonio Stained Glass are below. Aren't they gorgeous?

Also, bringing together past photos and art, when Chris and I were at Sundust last Friday, we admired once again a painting called "Kissing Baby Brother" by Arizona artist Norma Ponce de Leon. There was no way we could afford it, but we did get a small 5x7 print.  Seeing the side by side comparison with the picture of Mikelle and baby Christian, you can see why I was drawn to this beautiful painting. 

I love the serenity that both those images give (along with the stained glass temple pictures above them), so that seems to be a good place to end this entry.


  1. I really love the motif you did for the SA temple! And I figured out, if only be default, I must be your favorite niece-in-law! Wish we could see you guys in December!

    1. LOL - yeah, you're my only niece in law! And I certainly won't have any on my side of the family until at least 15 years or so! So it's all the Henrichsen grandkids that will be getting married between now and then.