Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lucky Birdies and New Names

My Etsy shop hasn't even been live for a week and I already had a sale! I am so honored that Susan in Vermont who is with the The Alex Foundation purchased my African Grey Tribute print! Not only that, but my friend Sholee bought an Owl Print for her mom, and my friend Theresa (who approached me to create the Colonia Jaurez Temple) bought prints for her family members for Christmas. So this has been a great week for art! I also dropped off these two framed Sun Motif prints for the outlet at Sundust.

It was funny, when I got there, Ron (the owner) said, "I didn't think I'd see you again until it dropped under 90 degrees." HAHA! Well, that is partly true. But I had to go to Scottsdale yesterday, so it seemed only logical to drop these off on the way back. I had been putting off bringing those by because it was kind of far away, and two, it was over 110+ for days and I was in hibernation. By Thursday, we finally got a break and hit clouds, lower 100s, upper 90s, etc. That is closer to survivability.

While we were at Sundust, Chris convinced me to re-name the big Motifs I have there for sale in the Main Gallery. This one is now titled Enjoy the Journey and Buy Cute Shoes...

"Enjoy the Journey and Buy Cute Shoes" Copyright C's do not appear on actual artwork.

This one is now titled Hidden Profiles.

"Hidden Profiles"

And Hidden Profiles is also below (left), but the one on the right is now titled Travel Log.

(Left) "Hidden Profiles" (Right) "Travel Log"

The link where these can be purchased on line can be found here.  And this triptych that includes the originals of the Sun-Moon-Star Motif is also on sale there.  I'm honestly surprised it hasn't sold yet. I thought that would be the first to go. :-(

Sun-Moon-Star Motif (Originals - Pen and Ink)

And while at Sundust yesterday, Ron told me about a Bird Art show coming up there in November. So it's time for the original of the above African Grey tribute to be matted and framed and then work on some others! I hope to include the original of the Owl Motif, and then also include a new motif of a Blue Hyacinth Macaw and a Blue and Gold Macaw. Stay Tuned!

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