Friday, June 29, 2012

"Old Glory" of the last day of Session II

Another session ended this week. And because Independence Day is coming up, we continued with Jasper Johns as inspiration! His 1958 work "Three Flags" serves as a perfect opportunity to use Old Glory for our art creations and give it a fun spin with collage and watercolor. Technically, that makes this project "Mixed Media". That means more than one material is used to create the artwork. In this case, collage (paper and other pieces put together), watercolor, and whatever the artist wanted for the last flag.

The large flag was put together with collage. 

This collage large flag portion complete with Alexander's hands!

The middle flag was made with watercolor methods (whether just watercolor paint, or with watercolor pencils as well).

This Watercolor Middle Flag uses the Seran Wrap (Plastic Wrap) technique!
The small flag (last flag) could be made any way the artist chose (providing I had the materials). For example, I used watercolor and pen and ink with my small third flag. Mikelle used markers and a little bit of collage. Her collage portion is where she glued the white stars on. Most of the kids used some sort of watercolor technique with their third flag, but enough to make it look a little different from their second.

Mikelle's "Three Flags"
My "Three Flags"
There were other projects to complete, however. For example, the beginners that finished their Uncle Sam Collage and simple flag collage the lesson previous to this one, created a fun collage "re-creating" Lady Liberty.

And because Mikelle's assignment was to work with them as I made my rounds and came around to help, she got into the abstract style with watercolors, once they finished their Lady Liberties.

And here is the Picasso-inspired Gallery of the completed "Three Musicians"! I would be the first to watch these bands perform! They look like a fun bunch!I love this project!

Until next session....

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