Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Plates in the Air (AKA: Monday's Art Project!)

Flag Collage (for one of the Beginner Students) Complete's so easy to get behind when you are juggling so many plates in the air! Between Alexander and Christian having fevers over the weekend along with keeping up with the art projects and the kids (healthy or not) in general, it's easy to forget some things. 

Therefore, this will be more of a "gallery" post of the awesome work my art prodigies made on Monday! 

I decided my two young beginner students will just do a simple flag collage (instead of the more complex Jasper Johns "three flags" project that the others will do) and they finished already! Therefore, after that, I had them do an Uncle Sam collage (like last year's projects at this time).
Another Beautiful Completed Tree Collage/Watercolor
Three Musicians In Progress
Three Musicians in Progress
Three Musicians In Progress

Three Musicians Complete - Check out the Flute!

Three Musicians Complete. Check out the Drummer's Chest. Hilarious!
Three Musicians Complete - Way Cool! Electric Guitar with the amp and plug!
Three Musicians Complete - Such Detail! Amazing!
Flag Collage in Progress
Uncle Sam Collage Complete!

Flag Collage In Progress
Flag Collage Complete

Jasper Johns Inspired "Three Flags" Project In Progress

Uncle Sam Collage in Progress

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