Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hot and Cold: Class II, Session I Art Class

We commenced our second lesson yesterday, and if it looks familiar, it's because it is! However, even though I brought out one of my favorite projects again (Watercolor Discovery and Watercolor Desert Scene with Warm Colors), we tweaked it this time with an in depth lesson on analogous colors, complimentary colors, warm colors and cool colors. We also discussed how when you mix a complimentary color (opposite color) you get a "neutral". 
Contrast of Cool Colors and Warm Colors
I also showed this example from another art teacher's blog of one of her second grader's work. I showed how one side was done with warm colors and one was done with cool colors. Because one of my students was here last year, I had him begin this project while I back peddled a bit with the other students to get them acquainted with the watercolors and have them start Watercolor Discovery and the Desert paintings.

The "Cool Color" Half of his house painting that will be divided with warm and cool colors.      

Watercolor Discovery and Warm Color Deserts in Progress:

Next time we'll finished these and then they'll begin the Warm and Cool Contrast paintings. We also need to begin a Fathers Day project! I have some ideas! I'll narrow them down by class time on Monday!

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