Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Day Wrap-Up

We're ending May with a scorcher. 108. Gross. Tomorrow? 112. Even worse. They originally predicted tomorrow to be 108, but as the week went on, the number just kept increasing. I find it funny that they call Sundays' 103 as "cooler". 

Yes, they do say that. 

It's about as funny as when we were in Santa Barbara two summer's ago and they called their 88 high as a "scorcher".  What a bunch of babies! (but I'd be okay being one of those babies if I could live there)

We did get a break last weekend. It nosedived into the low 80s. It was beautiful. We knew it wouldn't last, but it was nice present. 

Another School Year Bites the Dust
The kids ended another year of school last week. Mikelle has finished the 5th-6th grade middle school and now she's moving onto the Junior High. When did I get a kid in junior high? I thought I just had a baby girl!

 Christian finished 2nd Grade with his fourth award in Academic Excellence! Just don't ask me how the awards assembly went with AleXander going crazy trying to wreak havoc. I'm sure everyone there now knows exactly who I am and who AleXander is.  Another parent who has a daughter in Christian's class took a lot of pictures. I hope if there are any shots that Christian is in, they can give me a copy. 

I never updated here about Christian.  He had the formal evaluation last week (not the school one) and that doctor is more than convinced he's not autistic. She does understand why the school has given him that title, because the services he needs on a school level (sensory modifications, some behavioral/social interventions) are under the same umbrella as students on the autistic spectrum. 

She talked about his brain and that it is moving so fast with his "learning ability" and it's also moving so fast with his hyperactivity/ADHD issues that it's given him this kind of combination (a lot like the twice exceptional kids that Lara spoke of in the Facebook thread that I referenced in an earlier post). 

 I am not surprised by any of the findings, and we did receive a medication change. I'm hoping that helps. I also need to come out of my summertime shell (where I am a vampire just huddled up in the corner like a bat) and make sure there are plenty of organized social activities he can participate in. This isn't a an excuse - just a fact - it's so much harder in the summer, here in the bowels of hell, but it is possible.  

Christian seems to be doing well so far. He and Mikelle go to the community center for a few hours a day, and Christian just finished three mornings in a row of Primary softball. We may put him in indoor soccer, but we're not sure about that just yet. It's $100 for 8 weeks, which is a fair price. We just want to make sure it's worth it. Plus, I'd be doing 99% of the transporting him there "aka Mom's Taxi".  

Also, my good friend Corina plans to take Christian along when she takes her son (they're the same age) to Vacation Bible School. And as I mentioned before, Christian is doing very well in and enjoys Cub Scouts.

State of the "Art"
I begin teaching my second summer of art classes next Monday! Therefore, like last Summer, many of the entries will be detailing their projects. I am trying to get a lot of scrapbooking in before I have to stop and focus on the art classes. This isn't all the layouts I've done in the last few weeks, but it shows how crazy I've been trying to catch up.

Anyway,. since AleXander is napping, I better see what else I can cross off a list! Bye-Bye May. You're the last "humane" month before the true tortuous months begin. When October rolls around, it starts to feel better again.

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