Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Ides of March

It's March 15th. Therefore, it was a bad day for Julius Ceasar.

I think I have some mild PTSD going on.  It's effecting my emotions, patience level, and all around feelings.  Plus, it's Spring Break for the kids (2 weeks) and I might be going a bit bonkers.

Therefore, I need to post some of my favorite funnies. 

The song is in your head now, isn't it?

In light of the weather becoming warmer (and if you've read my blog for longer than 10 minutes, you know how I feel about that), let's remember some of the side effects to feeling overheated. Click below on this video. No worries. It is very cultured - opera, classical music and some of the good people in Argentina:

One of my pet peeves is poor use of spelling and grammar. Oh, I know I've made spelling errors on here.  I've also made grammar errors on here as a result of typing too fast for my brain to catch up. However, I tend to go back and edit like crazy.

I'm talking about those that have no idea what proper grammar even is! And worse, you try to correct them and they have a cow. Geez! Just trying to help the world look a little more intelligent, bit by bit.(and yes, that's a little tongue and cheek. I know how snotty I sound).

I'm not a big watcher of the Academy Awards.  Oh, I like knowing who and what was nominated and then I like to know who and what won. However, I am not into sitting through the whole thing, the "yaddi yaddis" and commercials.  I also don't want to sit through the red carpet stuff and see what overpaid shallow people are wearing only one time that cost thousands of dollars.  Of course, I like seeing the pictures in Glamour or something later when they're complimenting one overpriced dress and trashing another. 

That said, Angelina Jolie's narcissistic leg pose that night was all over the place after this year's Oscars.  Since I find her shallow, hypocritical and arrogant, I'm in love with some of the parodies.  Here are two of my favorites:

The parody of "Whistler's Mother":

And even though I don't really watch the Oscars, one of my favorite Oscar moments was 13 months before I was even born!

Plus, David Nivens is one classy guy, may he rest in peace. (Nivens was the dressed individual of the two):

Speaking of vintage stuff, I was sad about the untimely death of the cutest Monkee, Davy Jones.  Here is my favorite Monkees song, featuring Davy in his adorable 60s velour:

But wait, this wasn't supposed to be sad. Okay, here is the same song, but the "Literal Version". And a comment made by Twisted Sister's Dee Snyder about how Axl Rose learned his dancing moves from Davy Jones made it into this video:

(As some extras, here's a comparison someone put together of their dancing similarities: For what it's worth..and this one too. I don't know how well the comparisons are made: view at own risk!)

A few more random funnies:

And this isn't really funny, just perfectly logical. My nerd crush is Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

And of course if I was Princess Leia, I may have been tempted to have an affair with Lando and keep Han on the side (especially while he was frozen in Carbonite. I had to let Lando help me deal with the grief, right?!).

And Carl Sagan is just an amazing individual that we lost too soon. It makes sense that if you put Carl Sagan and Lando Calrissian together, you get Neil.  Rawrrr.....

On that note, have a great Thursday!

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