Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our Leprechaun Turns 8

Christian wasn't upset about the misspelling. I just couldn't get much of a natural smile out of him.
Before I get into the St.Patrick's Day Birthday fun, a quick update to the Cookie-FAIL yesterday. On the fan page for the bakery that I posted the picture to informing them of their um, "error", I received this response this morning:

"Hi Jill- We're so sorry for the oversight! Can you please email the details (cafe location, team member that helped you, etc.) along with your contact info to (their e-mail) ? Thanks and we hope your son still had a great birthday!" 

In my e-mail to them (also attaching the picture of the cookie) I provided the location and how to reach me and I also said: 

"I do not know the team member that helped me because my husband ordered and paid for it and I was in a hurry when I picked it up.  I just glanced at my son's name to make sure the spelling of his name was correct. I didn't notice the "birthday" spelling issue and some sloppy spacing issues until about 10 minutes later. However,the kids loved it and it was yummy as always. I don't want anyone to be fired.  Just re-trained on spelling, how to draw shamrocks, and spacing issues.  Also, the employees need to know that auto-correct and spell-check won't take you very far with frosting."

Yes, a little snarky, but progressive stupidity due to entitlement and technology is a pet peeve of mine. Sure, spelling errors existed long before these gadgets, but these gadgets have given people the false notion that we don't need to know how to spell anymore - it'll get taken care of FOR us.  Drives me crazy!

We began Christian's birthday celebration yesterday by taking the gang to see "The Lorax" Here they are outside the theater just before heading in. It was a beautiful cloudy and windy day - perfect for such an outing! Considering it was in the 90s the day Christian was born, yesterday's 3/17 was much better! 

And today? Yes, I digress,but it's in the 50s, raining, heaving snow up north - we finally get a taste of winter just before Spring commences!I can hear the rain fallig hard as I type! It's a sound that we are deprived of often, here in hell.  But anyway, back to the party....

Of course, as I mentioned with yesterday's post, the realization that we forgot the pick up the cookie-cake caused me to leave the movie early to run back down to the QC to get it and then run to the house to grab a few things. Then Alexander and I quickly joined the group again at Peter Piper Pizza!

Yes, I have some green teeth. Hey, the cookie-cake had its faults, but yummy sugary green, white and yellow goodness to mess up my weight-loss journey wasn't one of them!

Since we're digressing, here are my March toes. This was done a week ago, but it fits now with the green theme.  Mikelle has some sparkly green toes, but I can't get the camera to cooperate to take a pic right now. Hopefully that can be rectified soon.

Okay, back to the is Mikelle and her green tongue with her friend Corbin. Corbin is the same age as Christian by only a few days and we've known Corbin since before he could walk!

Mikelle and Alexander.  As you can see, he's very happy to have his bottle. He's going to be a tough one to break from it.

Daddy and Alexander
I know it seems like we have a lot of pictures of Alexander, but the other boys (including our birthday boy) were running around crazy playing games, winning tickets, spending tokens, etc, and well, I wasn't about to follow them around with the camera.

...And we finally got a shot of Mikelle's sparkly green toes!

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