Saturday, October 1, 2011

Road Trip and "Official" 9 Month Pictures

This week has been quite eventful. First of all, AleXander and I accompanied Daddy on a business trip. Where, might you ask? The beautiful beach? A mountain resort? Sadly, no.

Primm, Nevada.

Where in the hell is that?!

Primm is on I-15 on the Nevada/California border. It's about a 1/2 hour SW of Las Vegas.

We stayed at one of the three hotels there on the surface of the moon - I mean in Primm. No, I'm not complaining. Really, I'm not. I've just realized that yes, I might live in what I call hell, but it's not the center of hell. There is at least vegetation and some color and scenic views in the Phoenix area. Not so in Las Vegas or Primm. Therefore, I live in hell's outer rim. However, even though Vegas and Primm is uglier it's still a few degrees cooler than here. Go figure.

It was an adventure in our typical hotel room with a baby. Yes, he fell off of that bed too. He is a quick and determined lil' guy! Christian was too, but falling off beds wasn't his issue. However, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Anyway, we arrived in the late evening and we met Chris's friends from work at HofbrÀuhaus. AleXander quickly woke up from being in a car for hours to a lot of noise of people having a good time and a band playing just feet away. Here he is with a mini-stein. (Hey, there is nothing in it! The table next to us gave it to him because they thought he was so cute!)
Mom and her X-man
(he's looking at the band)

Who says Vegas is just for Grown-Ups?
The next day was marked with more Primm stuff (not much you can do there if you don't drink or gamble, but there is an outlet mall there). Here is AleXander exploring the room's bathroom. Notice how clean it was at first.

The aftermath (yes, we cleaned it up)

Of course, you have to get to know the room's A/C unit:
On Tuesday, we decided to drive home from Primm instead of going through Vegas. I'm so sick of the road between Vegas and Kingman. Well, while it was different doing the NV-CA-NV-CA-AZ way home, we discovered that you don't want to be on I-40 between Needles and Kingman right now. The interstate is supposed to be the fastest way, but not when they're doing construction and it's all down to one lane.

However, the craziest thing that happened was on the way home in Wikieup. If you don't know where Wikieup is, it's on 93 about an hour north of Wickenburg.

(this is a good map, though I don't know anything about Dazzo's Restaurant)

It's pretty much one of those towns in the middle of nowhere and only has a few houses, gas stations and dive restaurants. Coming home, and trying to make it home quicker than we were accomplishing, we stopped there and I had to make a bottle for my X-man. I come out of the bathroom and a young lady is standing there. She askes, "Do you remember me?" Well, she looked familiar, but it was out of context (I mean, this was Wikieup, AZ!) and I felt like an idiot not knowing her. She said she was one of my students at Heartland. (In Coolidge, well over a hundred miles away, probably 200 miles away). Her name was familiar, and it all started to come back to me. 4 years ago (2007-2008 school year), she was one of my 8th graders. I began to remember more about her and that class.

It's so crazy how it's a small world sometimes. I also feel bad for not remembering her at first, but that's what happens when you have hundreds of students per school year. It was fun reminiscing for a few minutes. I wanted to stay longer and talk, but we were already behind schedule returning home (we still had a good 2 hours to go) and relieving our friends who adopted Christian and Mikelle for those three days.
If we already lived in Wickenburg, we would have cut off an hour and a half getting home! haha

Official 9 Month Pictures

2 days before AleXander turned 9 months, we had his official pictures taken. We already knew he was adorable, but just in case you didn't think he could get any cuter, check these out!

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