Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We See You!!!

12 and 1/2 Weeks

Chris and I went for another Ultrasound on Monday and some extensive genetic screening - you know, just to be sure. So far, by the ultrasound images, they are confident there are no concerns such as Down Syndrome and the baby's development is on track.

When I was pregnant with Christian, the 3D-4D ultrasound technology was out there, but not as widely available. However, I was okay with that. Around 20 weeks, Dr. Lamb was able to guess with pretty good certainty that he was a boy (but not as early as 12 weeks, like these images). Dr. Lamb also had an U/S machine at his office, so there were some extra "peeks" we got to take, just like with Mikelle. It would drive me crazy if I had to wait until the birth to know the gender! I was born when I was for a reason!

Even though with this pregnancy the convenient "ultrasound in the office" isn't available, the technology certainly is amazing when I'm sent out to other locations for an ultrasound. The results were breathtaking!

Being able to see our baby like this is so amazing, isn't it?? When I saw Mikelle's ultrasounds back in 2000, I never imagined I'd be able to see my growing baby in an image like these! Technology has really come a long way!

And even though it's only 12 weeks, both the tech and the doctor on site agree that the gender is most likely a BOY. Very exciting. I hope they're right!


  1. Way Cool!!!! Kariann wants to know where you got the at home gender test.

  2. It's been since 1998 when I had my last sonogram. I'm jealous of this new technology...just not jealous enough to do what it takes to need one :) Congrats on a continued healthy pregnancy!