Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Independence Day 2010

Independence Day Celebration 7/3/10

Even though we don't have much family around anymore, we are fortunate that Chris's cousin Brandon lives nearby. His daughter graduated high school a month ago and we attended a big graduation party for her. Then just last Saturday (7/3) we attended their annual Fourth of July party. It's kind of surreal being there because even though I didn't know Brandon and his wife Amy in high school, they were just a year ahead of me and we attended the same HS (however, Chris lived in Tempe and I didn't meet him until after high school).

Therefore, at their big parties, I catch glimpses of familiar faces from high school plus Chris's other cousins and aunts and uncles at these parties. It's quite refreshing for our state of loneliness we often feel for having virtually our whole immediate family move away from the area, to have these gatherings to attend!
Here are some snapshots of us from the party:

It's hard for me to write on the blog in the summer because I swear I have the summer equivalent of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). It mostly affects people in cold, gray climates and their winters are tough. The opposite is true for me. I welcome clouds, rain and cooler temps. The summers here make me depressed, angry and stir-crazy. It's for that reason I am not a big Independence Day fan. It just doesn't occur at a good time of year!

If I moved to Oregon tomorrow, I wouldn't be negatively effected by the grayer winters and frequent rains. I am certain. I crave the green and softer diffused light. And I crave crossing rivers and streams that actually have water in them. This AZ climate has never been for me. I feel so couped up in this "cave" during the summers and even if it wasn't so hot, the constant sunlight gets to me. I know I've covered this on other entries, so I'm not going to repeat it now.

16 Weeks

This week I make it to week number 16! That means I am almost done with Month 4! Month 1-4 are my least favorite. Well, months 1-9 aren't too fun either, but it's 1-4 that I'd like to forget forever. I'm feeling better now, which is unusual because with my other two, I didn't start feeling better until at least week 18. But I'm not complaining!

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  1. Sorry we missed the Fourth with all of you. I loved going to Fountain Hills for fireworks. The big lawn and the semi-cool area with the great food and watermelon. We went out to dinner for our celebration - it would have been our usual group FHE, but we chose to dine out. We had a good time together - four couples at a Portugueses restaurant with great food and amazingly low prices. Georgia had a filet and I had pork medallions - we spent just over $30 including the tip. It's freezing here - some mornings we can see our breath in the flat. I would be happy to have a couple of days at 110 F to thaw out.