Sunday, March 22, 2009

Officially 5 !!!

Even though we celebrated it officially at Disneyland, earlier this week, Christian turned 5 on March 17th. We couldn't really have the cake and ice cream on St. Patrick's Day, because Chris wouldn't have arrived home from work until between 7:30pm-8:00pm. However, we did celebrate the evening before, since Chris had the 16th (Mon) off. Since we weren't worrying about it being an official party, we decided to get one of those big giant chocolate chip cookies as the cake and we just BBQ'd turkey burgers in the backyard. Our friend's Eric and Corina and their March birthday 5yo son joined us, which was a little bittersweet, because they've been our next door neighbors for the last 3-4 years and they just moved. :-( We told them not to worry about a gift for Christian, but they gave him a bumblebee Transformer car and Christian happily added it to his collection of Hot Wheels, Transformer cars and Disney Cars cars.

Of course Ice Cream wasn't necessary to add to the dessert, but I caved and got some of that too! If you can't justify it for a child's birthday party, when can you justify it? (but I seem to manage justifying it way too often!)

Here's his YUMMY giant cookie "birthday cake"

Paradise Bakery, where this came from, boasts their giant cookie is enough to make 12-15 people very happy. And they're not kidding. But the following day, it's enough to make some of those people have regret too! Just seeing this picture makes me crave it all over again. : sigh :

And with that, the kids' two weeks of Spring Break is officially over. Mine was over a week ago, but tomorrow they get to go back to school. It'll be nice to get into the normal swing of things again. Though unfortunately, this all means it's getting warm again. Every year, I dread the next summer more and more. At least there are a few good weeks left before we really get into the thick of it. :-(


  1. what a cute idea with the cookie....It looks so good, I love paradise bakery...Oh, I think I am having a craving, but it will never get satisfied because we do not have a paradise bakery. Oh well. It looked like a fun birthday party, so sad to have missed out on everything. We love you!!!!!

  2. Aw! Fun!!! Did C cut his hair himself? Q has the exact same haircut and he did it in the same spot twice last year!

  3. Oh yep I see it, lol! I'm getting nervous because we won't be able to get Q in for his hair till Thursday or so and the one side is in his eyes. I'm taking the scissors to my sisters! Brilliant plan!

  4. Happy Birthday Christian! Love the cookie/cake...what a great idea! My brother is having his wedding dinner at Paradise Bakery, I'm excited! :)