Sunday, March 15, 2009

Disneyland At Last!

So finally, on Tues 3/10, after driving practically all night, we arrived in Anaheim at 3am, slept to about 8-9am and then made our way to Disneyland. It was nice and in the 60s, though the sun was way too intense. But it was still nice and cool. The picture to the left is Christian and his Daddy waiting at the tram from the parking lot. We went to Splash Mountain first because Mikelle kept begging and talking about Splash Mountain, well, since 2005 - the last time we went to Disneyland. It was a short 15 minute line and the picture below is the result of standing in that line. I'm not too thrilled about the picture, but we knew we'd buy whatever picture we had when we got an entire log to ourselves. I made the mistake of leaning forward and holding onto Christian, because that meant I would feel like I was going to fall out. Not a good feeling. And it looks like I'm screaming. I wasn't. Trust me, NO VOLUME was coming out of my mouth. And as you can see, Christian was just fine. He enjoyed every thrill and chill experience.

After Splash Mountain was met with pictures with Pooh and Tigger. I'm not much of a Pooh fan, but he was part of that particular package. Unfortunately, we didn't time the trip well with Eeyore's appearance.And here we all are with Tigger. Well, Kariann didn't want to get into the picture.

Later we hit the California Adventure park, where we saw the second Goofy of the day. This one seemed to have much more personality then the one we saw on Main Street on the way out of Disneyland over to California Adventure. The Cali one even indulged the kids with comparing his shoe size to theirs.C is for Christian. The "C" in California Adventure.

"O" boy!

That first day was probably the shortest day spent at the parks, due to how tired we all were. It is hard peeling Chris away from Disneyland though. He's all about spending every waking hour there. That's great for the kids, but a little hard on wives that want to rest. lol

I would continue, but tomorrow is back to work after a week off. I get only a week off, whereas the kiddos get two for Spring Break. I don't work for the same school district that they're in.

My next entry will consist of Fantasyland and Christian's comment on the Storybook Boat Ride. If we had it on video, we would easily be $10,000 richer by sending it in to AFV. Oh well. Ce la vi!

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  1. It is very true that each "character" has their own personality. Some are so fun, others eh. It looks like fun!