Monday, March 16, 2009

Disneyland Epilogue: Hats, Teacups and Bathroom Stalls!

That title is only to make sure I finish the Disneyland saga in THIS ENTRY because it's dragged long enough.

First of all, Christian will be officially 5 years old tomorrow morning at 10:17am. My St. Patrick's Day baby will be 5. I can't believe it.

This is from last Wed (Disneyland Day 2) in Downtown Disney at the Lego Store. He just loved it.

And the following day (Thurs 3/12) wearing St. Patties Ears for a picture, since he celebrates his birthday that day:

Of course, while we're on the hat pictures, here's Mikelle sporting a Zurg hat (it's reversible with Buzz Lightyear the other way. No, we didn't buy any of the hats. It would have been fun, but no. Unless I had a lot of cash AND those foam heads to store the hats, which I had niether. But I do need to get some of those styrofaom heads to store some hats and halloween wigs. Anyone know where I could score some?)

And I'll just post this one and move on. This hat does have mouse ears, but you can't really tell. And no, the kids weren't in the hat store yet when my sister and I were messing around and taking these kinds of pictures. They arrived with Chris a few minutes later.

So while we're on some unorthodox Disney pictures, this is from the day before (3/11) when Kariann got the assignment to go on the Teacups withe kids. I'll would end up sick as a dog if I went and Chris USED to be able to handle the teacups in his younger years, but not so much anymore:

See the benefit of having a third adult go to Disneyland with you? They go on the rides with your kids that you'd rather not!

Here's Mikelle and Dumbo
(the ride! The Dumbo ride!)

And the adorable playing card bathrooms near the Alice and Wonderland stuff at Fantasy Land. If my own bathrooms had stalls, I would totally do this:

And while we did run into a family from our ward at Disneyland, here are some pictures of some friends we had to say hello to!

Mater and Lightning.
I needed to give my above picture with the Jamaican hat to Fillmore, but Mater didn't know where Fillmore was. But I showed Mater the Jamaican picture and he said, "Yeah, I don't care who you are, that's funny!"

Pluto. He's still bummed that he's now not named after an official planet. But he's doing okay.

Kariann didn't want to get in on this picture either, but we made sure she did in the next one of....
Mickey! At his house!

So now here is the ultimate Christian story. So we're all on the Storybook boat ride in Fantasyland (Wed 3/11 I think) and it was later in the day (dark) and Christian was in a mood. We see the Aladdin Agrobah castle and I say, "Christian! Look at the castle from Aladdin!"

Christian: "I already saw it"

Me: (playing up due to his attitude) "Well, excuuuuse me..."

Christian: "What? Did you fart?"

First of all, let me say that we've been trying to get that word out of his venacular for some time but not been very successful. Two, let me say that the newlywed couple on the boat with us just LOVED that. I told them I provided the birth control for free. While I'm not proud of that from a parental point of view, I do wish it was on video with the audio as clear as day.

Final tidbits:

Mikelle on the same Lego door. Just compare their height differences! Christian will be taller than her eventually, but right now, she has the crown!

A perfect one to end on, due to Christian's birthday tomorrow. Is this not completely fitting or what?


  1. Totally jealous of it all! Even Christian embarrassing you in front of strangers (too funny, BTW).

    Someday we'll make it there...

  2. Thankyou for posting all these pictures and updates, I sort of feel like I was there. Well maybe not, but I wish I were. I am so happy you guys all had so much fun

  3. Aw, fun trip!!! We talked about Disneyland our upcoming trip, but it just wasn't going to work.

    LOL at Christian and fart:). Boys and potty talk...I overheard 'farty nerd pants' said in the back seat yesterday.

    Happy Birthday, Christian!!

  4. You make me miss Disneyland SOOOO much! Great pics. We all love Disneyland, and Splash Mt is our favorite.