Monday, March 2, 2009

March 2nd and 90 Frickin' Degrees Already...(aka Beware of the Ides of March!!)

Well, it's March. I've been waiting for something good to write about, and then I realized I've had plenty of things that I could have written about, but I was just in grumpy moods. Sure, the source of the title would be one of them. The outside temps is precisely why I hate this heat lamp I'm under. Sure, no crazy snow covered winters, but we get the flip-side of that. It would be one thing if the heat didn't start until, say, May, but the 80s crept in during FEBRUARY (gag!) and now March 2nd, we broke or tied a record dating back to the 1920s. Nice.

But forget that. There is still a chance of some temperature relief before we head into another heat marathon of hell that I call May, June, July, Aug, Sept and part of October. I guess that includes part of April too.

Things I could have written about in the last few days, but didn't, due to feeling grumpy for inconsequential reasons:

5 Too Fast
And since it is March now, Christian is insisting he's already 5 years old. I guess if we were rounding, he would be, but that isn't until March 17th. But since he knows it's "March" now, he's insisting he's 5. I can't believe my baby is practically 5. It just isn't fair. This is just last night when he decided he wanted to start his "re-charge" a little early than normal. DEPECHE MODE is coming to Phoenix in August! Yay! Tickets go on sale March 14th. But there is a snaffu. They're coming Sunday August 23rd. D'oh. Sunday? C'mon. Of all the days of the week, boys, and you had to schedule Phoenix on a Sunday.
So I figured, well, I've never gone to a concert on a Sunday before (well, there was one particular Social Distortion concert back in 1992 that was a Sunday, but I was under 18 so that doesn't count....) and this was, after all, DEPECHE MODE. If there is an exception to be made, it would be THAT ONE. But Chris won't go for it. I can go, and find friends and dates or what-have-you, but since his b-day is August 19th, it would be nice to celebrate his birthday that night.

So this is what Chris would RATHER do. Depeche Mode is playing Vegas the night before. Yep, you guessed it. He's rather drive to Vegas and see them on a Saturday and spend money staying the night in Vegas than seeing them on a Sunday here. So what did I say? Okay. It'll be a pain in the butt and we don't know what we're going to do with the kids, but....okay! So it looks like Chris and I are going to see Depeche Mode in Las Vegas on August 22nd. Not that I'm a fan of Vegas (I've been through there more times than I'd like to admit) but Depeche Mode in Vegas is as good as a heathen Sunday in Phoenix. And if it means a brief getaway for Chris and I, I'll take it! It would be nice to put a different city on my "places I've seen Depeche Mode" list, other than....Phoenix. Of course it would be nice to add Paris, Munich, London and Amsterdam on that list, but hey, you take what you can get!

HUMOR in Strange Places
But I found some humor in strange places. Chris isn't big on the type of humor (and e-mail exchanges) with the pictures below - especially since he's not a cat person, but he sent me these and it was refreshing to see some of this humor from a source I wouldn't expect it from:

And Chris says this next one reminds him of me. Gee, thanks, honey.


  1. Sorry about the heat. And here I am complaining about the cold. Too bad everywhere can't be San Diego.

    Love the LOL favorite is the tic=tac one.

    Joel and I are still in negotiation about Las Vegas on Monday. I promise to let you know very soon...part of it depends on whether or not Joel gets invited to a job interview.

  2. Awww! I can't believe it's that hot already there. I don't like extreme heat either! Hey are you near Williams, AZ? Email me if you're curious about why I'm asking, lol.