Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Hills Are Alive...but I'm Not...

That means I knew this 5K yesterday was going to kick my butt. And it did. Sure, I run 2.5-3.0 miles on the treadmill three times a week. But despite setting certain inclines, treadmill running is only going to take you so far in your preparations. I had not been able to train in real world running previous to this 5K as I have in others. 

Therefore, getting out there in the real hilly routes without adequate training in the real world was a wake-up call, even though I expected it.
However, that said, the Wickenburg 5K route HAD to be on the short side. With those hills and being sick this week, there's no way my time was 4 minutes better than other 5Ks. Oh well. 34:33 on my timer (34:31 officially). 

I'll take it!

2015 Wickenburg Wild West Run Results

  • Overall, I came in 64th out of 169 in the 5K.
  • For just the females, I came in 36th out of 111
  • And in my age bracket, I came in 9th out of 24
Sad thing is, if I was in the next age bracket up (which sadly is only 2 weeks away...cue grim reaper death march music) I would have came in second out of 18 for that age bracket in women. 

And new age bracket or not, my time on that run will be better next year. I know I'll be more adequately trained. Plus, the route isn't far at all from where our house is being built. I can train on the actual route along with the hilly roads nearby. 
Heading back...over halfway done... yeah, it looks flat there...But don't be fooled!

In the meantime, I'm still trying to figure out if I'm still under the weather (that the run didn't help with, I realize) or if I'm coming down with something new along with the continual pain in muscle groups that I forgot that I had to begin with. 

Until next time...


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