Friday, April 24, 2015

Miracle of Amoxicillin and Answers to Prayers...

While attempting to make it through that day (and sadly, exposing the poor school to the infection…luckily it had been going around, so I guess they couldn’t blame only me), the principal came in the classroom and said that I was officially offered the position for the art teacher next year! Very exciting news!
Yep! This is quite telling. Especially with my circa 2007 flip-phone...
However, that part is kind of a blur because I was already pretty sick by that point. And she knew it, so I made sure she stood further back. I texted some friends and Chris the good news. Chris texted back that we should celebrate that night. I texted back that I was sure I had strep. No celebrating to be had. In fact, a week and a half later, he and I still haven’t gotten a chance to officially celebrate. Between the house building and how crazy Chris’s work schedule is every April, it is hard to find the time. 
Back to the strep day (but also the day I found out I would have the job), the annoying thing is I couldn’t even get an appointment at the doctor’s office for that afternoon. Therefore, I was suffering until a hopeful appointment the following day. Christian took my temperature and it was 102. I admit I was pining for our days back in Queen Creek. My doctor’s office there had “walk in” hours until 7pm for this sort of thing. But not here in cowboy town Wickenburg. Relief had to wait at least a day. And even then it took longer than usual for the antibiotics to kick in. 

Sure, I could have driven over 30 miles to an Urgent Care and get antibiotics that same day, but by the time I made it home from subbing that Monday, I wasn’t going anywhere unless it was to a doctor’s office nearby. 
Meanwhile, during this fun period, the house has really been coming along! I think as I speak, the tubs are already in the house. I’ll be able to see firsthand tomorrow. All I have for today are these shots from the street.

Look the front door, there is a dude lying on top of sheetrock...
I need to narrow down my interior paint color choices and obtain the paint and be ready to go. I want to get the walls painted before the baseboards and crown molding are added, so there’s no annoying taping. Yuck. 
I wish we could afford professional painters to come in and get that part done lickity split, but sadly, that’s not in the budget. At least we can hire friends and stuff and pay them a monetary reward plus pizza if they help get the inside walls painted. We’ll see how that goes.

Meanwhile, I finished a huge project from a beloved repeat client. The focus is at-risk and troubled teens and the road to recovery.  
Last weekend, my friend Billie and I headed to Tucson for Time-Out for Women. I do wish there was more time to relax and take more of a "time out". I really feel they should have about 2 doxen massage therapists with those massage chairs and offer  the women massages! I'd be all over that!

But Billie and I did enjoy pedicures before heading back home. 
One of the inspirational messages from the event is this one. Of course, there are so many more. 
One thing that didn't help at Time Out for Women were all the babies that were there. No, not because of crying or anything. I wanted to hold and cuddle those babies! Especially the really little ones. 
The event was for adult women only, but nursing babies of course were welcome. And the next day, back home, I was oggling over this adorable baby in church and I whisper, "I need to hold that baby....give me that baby...." 
Christian says (also a whisper) "well, then fire up your reproductive organ and have one..."
And if that wasn't enough, then Chris acted like he was trying to start a boat motor by pulling a rope....
I guess that's a good place to end this post.  

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