Thursday, April 9, 2015


April 5th Easter Sunday egg hunting at the house under construction
Well, rounds of illnesses have swept through the house again. Chris and Mikelle had strep throat. Alexander had some fun occurrences the night after Easter that made for a miserable few hours. There is no need to elaborate. Poor baby. :-( Let's just say, he was feeling okay by morning. 

And I don't even know what to call my ailment. It's pretty much the same thing (but worse) I had a couple of weeks ago. And it kicked my butt yesterday despite needing to substitute at the high school first. At least it was an easy assignment. If I had to deal with unruly classes along with being sick, I don't know if I would have made it. Luckily, ample rest and sleep has helped. This has to go away. The Wickenburg 5K is Saturday.

As for Chris's strep, he came home from work early and headed to the doctor's office. The doctor asks, "do you need a note for work?" Chris says no. The doctor then tells him to stay in bed tomorrow and chill and watch TV. So Chris says, "Then can I have a note for my wife?"


Anyway, just a day before he was hit with strep, we spent Easter quietly at home (well, it depends on how literal the term quietly is interpreted..). 

Alexander and Mikelle at the top of the stairs...
However, we had our egg hunt at the house under construction. Therefore, the rest of this entry is picture heavy with more construction pictures along with the egg hunting fun.  And looking at these pictures, I'm not seeing Christian. He was there, I can assure you!
Mom and X-man

Easter Sunday April 5, 2015.. You can see Chris inside...
Garage and Kitchen window
View of Vulture Peak
West end of house...Garage and kitchen window
Back of house, looking north
Garage and back of house...looking north/northeast
East side of house, looking south/southwest

Duct work! No, no eggs hidden up there....
Vulture peak view and east side of house...looking south
Standing in Living Room, looking at stairs and master suite (other side of stairs)
Standing in living room, looking into kitchen
Egg hidden in master shower! lol...
X-man and a Minion egg...

X-man out there... View from top level, looking into back...

I am told the house now has windows. I can only assume that means glass in the windows.  Another visit to the site this weekend. 

My excitement for the completion of this house is so hard to contain! 

Yes, Easter and Elf in the same post. It makes sense to me! lol
Until next time.

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