Monday, March 16, 2015

Springing Forward...

Happy Birthday Liz!
Spring Break and over and Thing 1 and Thing 2 were just so excited (:sarcasm:) to head out the door early this morning for the final leg of the school year! Maybe we didn't do anything all that exciting over Spring Break, but I hope someday they see this house-building progress as the most exciting adventure of 2015. I know I do! (pictures down further of progress....) Maybe they won't realize the true elation of it until they have a family and trying to buy and/or build a house of their own, but they'll eventually understand.
Plus, we'll be heading to Oregon in June for a family reunion (and for me to have a reunion with my dream location...especially for summertime! Yay!).   

Well, to kick off Spring Break, the kids did get to go to the Phoenix Zoo with Dad and some friends. I stayed behind to take advantage of the quiet to finish more assignments for my, it was already in the 80s and sunny. It was too yucky for the zoo and March as far as I'm concerned. 

The kids had a good time, as shown by these pictures. 

The wine glass is staged, by the way...
Over the weekend it was a mini-trip to Gilbert to celebrate our friend Liz's 50th Birthday and stay overnight.  

Birthday gift for Liz...celebrating her 50 years of education, travel, family and life!

And as promised, here are the house building pictures....! The foundation for the two turret features on the main/top level have been poured and the outline for our garage. Alexander is the perfect adorable human prop for the windows on the bottom/walk-out level.

So cute...I can see re-creating this picture later with him bigger and part of the completed house...

Yeah, the factory isn't the best background view, but this is a good shot of what will be two turrets and the garage...
View of back.dirt ramp is leading up to the garage area...
The turret that will be off the'll be Zoey's bird area!
Alexander and the turret for the master bedroom....

Well, back to the fun!

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