Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Big 2-0!

Between changing computers and skipping town, the day of our 20th Anniversary did not get its shout-out here that it deserved. 

I still can't believe it's been 20 years. I hate to say it, but when I picture couples celebrating 20 years of marriage, I think of old people who shop at Sears for clothes and go to Home Town Buffet on dates! And we're not that, right?! Haha
Not Finished...It would say "Celebrating 20 Years! 11/10/94 - 11/10/14"
I didn't really get to finish this photo montage before our old computer finally said its last goodbyes, and then we took off to the Mogollon Rim to the Christopher Creek Lodge. I highly recommend that place, by the way!

This post is still under construction as I await Chris to send me some pictures from his phone. We didn't take the regular awesome camera even though we should have. Let's just say that despite being prepared for this trip, it's clear that our minds were multi-tasking while we prepared for it. I can list the things that were forgotten back home! Yeah, and some things that were forgotten at the cabin. (I hope the lodge mails Chris his phone charger, by the way.)

Here are some photos from the trip! 

Christopher Creek from our cabin...
Our weekend abode - one of the Pioneer Cabins right on the creek!

Christopher Creek flows through Box Canyon - downstream from the lodge

Enjoying the view of Box Canyon...this picture certainly doesn't do it justice though. It's really beautiful!
One of the familiar sights heading back home...
Taken from the Baptist Church across the street!

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