Saturday, November 1, 2014

My Other Car is a Broom!

Despite being one of the most awesome holidays EVER...this Halloween proved more challenging due to the fact that despite the fun, LIFE still goes on.  Being human and not a superhero hit me hard earlier today.

Luckily by about 4pm, the raging headache that wanted to hang out with me finally subsided. Still, I admit a witch costume would have been more appropriate for my demeanor.  Sadly, Mikelle was the offspring who received the brunt of my, um, broomstick behavior. I have since apologized to her.

Anyway, here is this year's recognition of All Hallow's Eve 2014:

Night before Halloween - Preview and Dress Rehearsal:

Chris did wear his Andy Warhol garb to work on Halloween. This was his cubical:
 And this awaited him when he returned from a meeting:
Meanwhile, back at home, here are the boys ready to head out for the fun. Mikelle, I mean, the Grim Reeper Unicorn, was at a friend's house.
Alexander is wearing one of my favorite costumes ever! It was the astronaut costume that Christian also wore when he was 3. It was exactly how I pictured an astronaut costume should look. Therefore, when someone on eBay was selling it, I quickly found myself entrenched in a bidding war. I HAD to have it. Sure, I ended up paying way too much, but the costume was perfect! I was working full time teaching at the time, so it was easier to justify the expense that resulted from the bidding war! haha... I'm a Halloween junkie...what can I say?

Christian (age 3 1/2) and Mikelle (age 7) circa Halloween 2007!
However, because I ended up paying way too much, I told myself that if I had another boy, he'd wear the astronaut costume too.  It was nice this year not to have to worry about Alexander's costume. With the all the lack of energy and moving stress from the last few months, it was the perfect year for him to become the most adorable astronaut ever! (tied with his brother 7 years ago, of course)

Christian's Minecraft Enderman was the major project this time around.  

It was fun making it. And FINALLY, he's at a school that lets the kids dress up on Halloween! Hallelujah!

Well, the kids couldn't wear their costumes the whole time. It was just for the Costume Walk at the end of the day, but it's something! And teachers were dressed up the whole day. It was refreshing to see this as I dropped him off this morning. I haven't seen that since the late 90s when I worked at a junior high in Tempe. 

Wickenburg still hasn't lost the Halloween spirit that other schools have. It's wonderful to see. I hope it lasts.

Anyway, now that both boys have worn the awesome astronaut costume, I'd love to have a HUGE shadow box frame with the costume and pictures with them both wearing it. Well, before I do that, I have to have all three of their blessing outfits framed with pictures. THEN the next sacred frames can start (Halloween). And before I do that, I need to have a house with the wall space. Well, that means the house needs to be built. Let's get the house built!

Tonight Andy did join us for the Candy Grabbing not long after we arrived. It was fun watching him deal with the kids who kept coming back to our car for candy, even though they had received candy from us already.
Now for November! And we're FINALLY going to get the seasonal Fall Temps! Thanks a lot, Obam- I mean, October.  We didn't need that extra month of Summer.

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