Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014 Part I

While everyone is out being obsessed with shopping and crowded parking lots before they can even make it through the maze of endless retail cookie cutter giants (parking lot stupidity alone is one of the top reasons I will not participate in the madness), I'm sitting here trying to not scream at my kids. 

Well, I didn't do very well at not screaming at them, but Chris is here too. Therefore, at least we can double team on Thing 1 and Thing 2 with the cleaning up and responsibilities. Later, he and I will venture out in the crazy Black Friday world. But not to shop. 

It's a date tonight! 

However, we hope to make it a date afternoon and night. We'll see how things go with accomplishing such a feat that will also ensure no offspring are murdered by another offspring or require therapy for the rest of their lives as a result of our absence.                                                                                                       Yesterday's Turkey Run went okay. My timer said I finished in 39:07. However, according to their records, it's listed as 38:56. Okay, I can go with that! I'd love to get below 38:00, but I'm content with those two times for yesterday. This was especially due to the fact that about 2/3 in, I started struggling but I managed to keep a jog. However, for having mostly treadmill training for the last 6 months, I did surprisingly well.  That Downtown Phoenix route was flat, so that was a plus. However, no clouds were in sight. Therefore, at first, the sun was rather intense. Thankfully, we ended up along tall buildings that shaded the evil orb for a good portion of the route. 
This guy (left) was in front of me for awhile during the run. It's blurry because I was running too. If a run didn't produce so much sweat, it would be fun to do this with the costuming. The best was all the cops laughing as he passed them standing at the roadblocks.

As for my own costuming, I don't like the snapshots that were taken of me this time around, so these are more favorable:

Front of the shirt
Back of the shirt

Anyway, we were meeting our friend Billie and her in-laws in North Phoenix for Thanksgiving, so I had to acquire a shower. A location of my gym is in Downtown Phoenix, but that's only for the Platinum members (say it out loud with a highbrow snotty tone...). It certainly wasn't for a basic bourgeoisie membership such as mine. However, I went there anyway, because I figured it had to be empty due to Thanksgiving. And sure enough, the guy at the front desk had no problem allowing me to use the facilities to get ready, despite my Commoner or Cottager status being way below the usual royalty. 
(Yes, I am Queen, but it's not recognized as far as my gym is know, red tape and technicalities...)

He even said I could work out if I wanted to. Considering I just ran three miles and turkey and gravy was on the brain, that part wasn't going to happen. But I thanked him anyway and wished him a Happy Thanksgiving (as the gym was only going to be open until early afternoon, so he probably wasn't going to be missing out).

But there are drawbacks in using a club that is reserved for only the Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses and other Nobility: The women's locker room was empty with the exception of myself, and oh man, it was certainly posh and fancy. Having a taste of the good life is dangerous! I was thinking, "Wow, I can certainly get used to this!" 

No, even if I could afford it, I'm happy sticking with my typical Peasantry membership. I just hope they allow me to use that location for the same reason next Thanksgiving as well! 

Next we headed to join a huge family event in which we were lovely adopted into this year. 

That'll be covered in Part II. 

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