Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Blessed and Bittersweet

It's been quite a bittersweet week. We were blessed with our version of wintery temperatures and rain that lasted more than a day. Sadly, a few days earlier, a tragic accident took the life of a sweet boy in the ward (congregation). He was in Christian's class at church and last summer, I taught an art lesson to his Cub Scout groups. I think I even gave him a ride home a few weeks ago. He would have turned 9 next month. Between that, and frustrations with having things move along in Wickenburg, the word "roller coaster" comes back into play. Well, it's always in play, but it's been especially "loopy" lately. 

Well, tradition dictates family pictures at Anniversary time (as it's nice timing for Christmas cards). These were some of the results from our session the day after Chris and I returned from California:
Our Three Goofballs
Expression on Alexander cracks me up.
No Christian, we're not done yet.
So beautiful. She doesn't think she is. :-(
Yep, I see that look everyday!
Another nice one of the three of them.
Love her smile!
My baby is too grown up already.
Love those brown eyes. He got them from me. :-)
Speaking of "too grown up"...
I've also been pushing through with Christmas blocks, ornaments, and some custom work. I'm starting an elephant one today! Monday I completed this custom African Grey motif. I think it's better than my first one! 

Completed with customer's grey names: Ringo, Rambo and Pete

"Be Merry"

"Merry" that can go with "Christmas" or "Be"

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! 

Until next time...

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