Sunday, August 11, 2013

Birthdays, Big-Bang-Theory, Bling and Boo Blocks!

UH OH...Guess What Day It Is?!

Okay, it's not Wednesday. It's a Sunday night. But Mikelle's 13th birthday fell on a Wednesday and this post will also contain pictures from that day plus her little birthday party last night, so it's all good. 

Alexander just LOVES this commercial. We're trying to record him watching it and having his cute reaction. It's been a little hit and miss getting the right recording since he changes his behavior if there is a small gadget in the room (and that small gadget is trying to record him).

And why wash your car when you can use it as a canvas? 

Mikelle with her new Soft Kitty T-Shirt!
Anyway, so here we are at Wendy's for burgers and Frosties the evening of Mikelle's birthday (which was a Wednesday - Hump Day! Yeeeeahhhh!).  

She was excited to get her Soft Kitty T-shirt (shout out to Big Bang Theory) and matching Soft Kitty socks to match!

The bigger celebration was to be had a couple of days later. 
And matching Soft Kitty Socks!

And last night, on our way to crazy town  - I mean Sunsplash.

No matter how you try to be organized, when you have heat, sweat, crowds and kids, it's going to be nuts. Then of course add a 13 year old birthday girl who is upset just as we're doing cake and candles (upset because Christian drank a bunch of her soda) and then we add drama to the chaos. 

But in the parking lot I saw about 4 or 5 different school buses. Seriously, once they filled up and left, the crowds weren't so bad! Also, when the stupid DJ for the loud Top 40 Hip-hop station that was initially set up  (I hesitate to call what he played as "music") left with his crazy huge speakers and the regular playlist used around the park, things improved too.

I know I sound old, but I think a lot of last night's stress was a combination of all the above factors.  It did cause me to envy my younger Sunsplash days when it was all about fun and running around and screaming down the slides and not worrying about kids, toddlers, getting things out of the car, putting things back in the car, locker costs, etc etc.
Alexander clearly loved the birthday cake!

 And he loved hanging out with the ladies! 

Alexander just loved the slides and playing in the water. He is so fearless. It's a good thing and a bad thing for a Mom! Now if we can catch up on finances so I can get the swimming lesson process started with him, it would certainly help some of the anxieties! He is beyond ready!

...Another Monday is upon us. But at least the Birthday Party Hangover has dissipated! lol

And just in time for Halloween coming up...BOO Blocks with Bling

It may be 105 outside, but I am excited about Halloween!

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