Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August Art Update

Chris's cousin is getting married this weekend, so I sent this out today. This is a smaller size - the circle is eight to nine inches across (I wanted it to be done and arrive in time, so that's why I made it smaller). I decided to list this size as a custom option. I'd always do something like this by request, but now I have an official listing for it. 
Perfect rare cloudy breezy morning yesterday! Had to sit outside and start this and take advantage!
Circle itself is about 8-9 inches in diameter
I also decided to lower the black and white custom options that are 12x12 and smaller by $10 (with an extra fee for color accents if the customer requests it). We'll see if that brings in more orders and interest. 

I also added the original AND prints of both my Funky Octopus and Ice Cream! 

If the Ice Cream looks familiar, it was done with Watercolor 2 summers ago. Then I forgot about it. I brought it out and added some pen and ink embellishments. I should have done this last month in time for National Ice Cream Day!

Color Version
My mother in law also commissioned me to do some artwork for a bike reunion next month up in Oregon. It sounds like I'll be in Oregon for it, but sadly, I won't. :sigh: But I'll have the order finished for her in plenty of time and shipped up there.

A few years ago she was on a cross-country bike ride from California to Florida. The participants meet for a reunion. This time they're meeting in my mother in law's home front - Newport, Oregon (near Waldport where she lives).

I completed it in color after scanning the black and white version. She chose the black and white version. Now I'm going to get small prints of the Black and White version and adhere them to small 6x6 black wrapped canvas (much like the Young Women Theme and Motto was done last Fall for Young Women in Excellence...see below) for the 12 different attendees of the reunion. 

I made sure to try to highlight key points along their ride, along with a shout out to the Oregon locale of the reunion. 

Black and White Version
Young Women Values and Theme
Mini Canvases for Young Women in Excellence
Well, usually our pleasant rare nice summer days are one at a time and few and far between. But we woke up this morning with more light rain and the sun again taking a back seat! That's two days in a row! I am grateful when there are days like this to break up the constant "oven time". 

Time to go get Christian from school and enjoy the diffused light!

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