Monday, August 26, 2013

August Art

Just a quick post to show the custom artwork that I sent out last week. I really hope the customer likes it. it's for her mother in law who got married just this past weekend! 

This was a huge one too - 24x24. 

And here I am with the artwork with my "Thing 3"! Yes, that's the "Diffuse Glow" setting on photo editing. It has a nice facelift effect. 

That was also taken on Chris's birthday. We went out and I'll catch up on that in my next entry.

For now, I'll just leave this entry with my latest temple art. This one is a bit overdue. It's the Phoenix Temple that is set to be dedicated in early (I think) 2014. As I also posted earlier this summer, here it is at the construction site on June 28th (which was that 119 degree day. Yum!) 

This artwork contains the year of the dedication, plus the Angel Moroni raising in May 2013 and groundbreaking dates in 2011. This artwork also contains two inclusions of the Mythological Phoenix rising, as well as other geographical elements such as the desert foothills and saguaro cacti.

I've already added options for a 12x12 print and 10x10 print to the Etsy shop.

The Phoenix Temple will be the fifth LDS temple dedicated in the state of Arizona. However, it is the fourth Arizona temple in 11 years!  That reminds me, the Snowflake Temple was the second Arizona temple (and over 70 years after the first!) and I haven't done the artwork for that one yet! I better get going! 

The next Arizona temple is the Tucson temple. There hasn't been a groundbreaking for that construction as of yet. They're still deciding on a site location. I would love to see it in the Oro Valley area north of Tucson. If I lived in Tucson, I would choose that part of town in a heartbeat. It is so beautiful with Mt. Lemmon towering overhead.  However, I am hearing the Tucson temple is likely to be built in an area southwest of town.

Phoenix Temple Construction site June 2013
Phoenix Temple Construction site June 2013

Anyway, there is more to catch-up on with Chris's birthday and our neighborhood mascot, Stoney. 

Confused? The next entry should be helpful.

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