Monday, January 28, 2013

The Grouch Anthem

(Began this post on Sunday 1/27/13):
I'm still struggling with some grouchies for a lot of reasons. No, not the weather. It's been great, actually! Cloudy and rainy!

No, my grouchies are resulting from people who are moving from the neighborhood/ward. It's been an epidemic lately. The other grouchies come from what I touched on my previous post, The Big Picture.

Also, not that little things like this really make it to the blog, but I have a bad toothache and I am thrilled (that's sarcasm) that I get to skip aerobics in the morning to go to the dentist. I also see dollar signs coming as a result of what the dentist will most likely have to do, so yeah, more grouchies. And as I write this, my head is pounding. It's been pounding for awhile. And I know it's Sunday, but I'm trying to get Chris to go get ice cream and he's been Mr. Churchy about it. That shouldn't apply after sundown when the grouchy wife NEEDS ice cream. I mean, c'mon!

But the Oscar the Grouch reference does remind me of a funny story. Chris was living in a lovely (more sarcasm) apartment on Mesa Drive in downtown Mesa when we were dating and got engaged. One day, we were at his parents' house in Tempe, and Chris's nephew Mikkel, who was about 5 at the time, said his Uncle Chris was being a grouch.

What my father in law said next, and rather matter-of-factly, had me cracking up:

 "Yeah, he lives in a trash can on Mesa Drive."


(Didn't finish yesterday...continuing Monday 1/28/13) 
So we go all the way to the dentist this morning. Sure, there are closer dentists, but this is the dentist I had when I lived in Mesa (no, not the scary part of town in the trash can just referenced...Mesa is a big place. We lived in a less scary part of it...) just down the road from his office. Despite moving out further away over the next 15 years or so, I never changed dentists. But now it feels far away. Well, a half hour away.  And there is no point in changing to one closer now, because I imagine we'll be in Wickenburg in the next year or so and I'd have to change again anyway.

Aren't you glad you read all that?

For those of you that are still with me - so we go all the way to the dentist. Chris is off on Mondays and he came with me.  The doctor examines me only to say, "You need a molar root canal. I don't do those and Dr. X is booked out pretty far."" (By the way, Dr. X is my usual dentist and he DOES do molar root canals. I saw his partner in the office, whom I was dumb enough to assume also would be able to do the procedure!).

Therefore, I left in as much pain as when I came in. I could have gone to some of the referrals they gave me, but I knew there was chance they weren't on our insurance. So let's just say after all that, I come home only to make an appt at an Endocntic near the house for Wednesday after, of course, jumping through a few hoops to find out who was nearby that was also on our insurance.  Therefore, despite the fact that it's a molar root canal, I at least I get to have a root canal around the corner! Woo hoo! (more sarcasm). Well, that's only partial saracasm. Am I excited about the procedure? No. But I am grateful I only have to drive around the corner.

I think it's time to pause for the Grouch Anthem. (click on Grouch Anthem). the clouds were beautiful and puffy and gray. Hey, it was gorgeous. I know that makes me sound more like Oscar the Grouch, but it's no secret how the sun and heat is my nemesis. PLUS...The Gilbert Temple (set to open later this year) looked so bright and vibrant up against the contrast of the gray clouds.  I wish I had my camera and I wish Chris didn't forget his phone at home that has a camera.

I wanted to include the Pinewood Derby pictures from last week, but it doesn't seem right with the Grouch theme. But oh well, they're already overdue.

Christian did very well! He won two of his races, and came in 2nd or 3rd in his others. 6th Place overall! And one of our Cub Scouts broke the speed record for that particular track!

Nice face, Christian! Lol

I'm still waiting on that foot rub!

Speaking of Christian, this was the note I received from him just before New Year's:

He gets embarrassed when I share these little anecdotes, but how can you not? He's such a trip. I was reflecting again today just how difficult his pregnancy was. My humor tells me the reason it was so hard (a psycho nightmare, actually) was because Christian was immortal and I was a mere mortal expected to "survive" bringing an immortal into the world. No wonder he almost killed me.

I love that kid. (not sarcasm)

Until next time, grouch on, lovers.

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