Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Yep, It's Still There!

Yesterday was New Year's Day. We now have four different numbers in our year. That hasn't happened since 1987. Yes, I know. I'm nerdy about stuff like that. 

Also, New Year's Day 1987 was the day my family moved to our home in Gilbert from Laveen. I was 11 turning 12 in a few months.

Well, yesterday we didn't move anywhere, but we did visit our land in Wickenburg. Yep, it's still there. It's frustrating that no magic elves built us a house there. 

What's up with that?

Looking South

Looking more southeast

Mikelle loved going down that steep area. That would have been fine, but X-man kept wanting to follow her.

The road in front.

Hopefully this time next year, there will be more to report on the progress of putting a house on the land. 

Even better, that there is a house being built. 

I guess we will see.

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