Friday, August 5, 2011

Brief Trip Out of the Oven....Part I

For about five days, AleXander and I took a trip up to the central Oregon Coast to see Papa and Grandma Georgia. I had been craving Oregon since the last time I was there, just over two years ago in June 2009. That time, it was just Christian and I (this link is the start of those posts: there are quite a few of them!). Papa and Georgia weren't there. They were in Wisconsin seeing Aunt Susie and her family as a finale of their cross-country bike odyssey, that time from Baton Rouge up to Milwaukee.

However, this time, Papa and Georgia were there, just coming home from their 18 month mission to South Africa! The picture above is AleXander at Governor Patterson's beach just down the road from Papa and Georgia's house. It was his first time to the beach!

Along with Papa and Georgia was Georgia's son Alan, his wife Jeanie, Georgia's son David, his wife Angie and their adorable three kids. Another fun tidbit? Georgia's kids are my third cousins. Therefore, Georgia's grandkids from her kids are my kids' 4th cousins. The easiest way to explain it is my grandfather Carwin "Buck" Elwood Rogers and their grandfather, Donald Fish Sr were first cousins. My grandfather's mother and Donald Sr's mothers were Tanner sisters. It's a fun heritage to trace. We're also related to N. Eldon Tanner and Hugh B. Brown, LDS General Authorities.

July 31, 2011 We had all just returned from Papa and Georgia's branch where they spoke about their mission. I have lost 15 pounds since last month, but it sure doesn't look it in this pic. Yuck. AleXander was asleep. AleXander and Grandma Georgia, the day we arrived. July 29, 2011.
Anyway, enough of that "related to who" and "so and so begot so and so" for now. I can get out a white board and I would have fun with that with all kinds of flow charts, but not everyone would be all that interested. Haha

Playing with David and Angie's kids was a lot of fun. I'm really going to miss them. And boy was AleXander on the move! He had been crawling a little in July, but by the time we were just days away from the trip, he was turbo boy. I must say, I loved visiting Oregon, but with AleXander's energy, I can't really say it was relaxing. However, it was SO NICE to have the option to take him on a walk OUTSIDE (can't do that here in hell this time of year), and I found I have more patience and I'm a lot nicer when the temperatures are in the 70s, 60s and below.

Just like in my blog entries from June 2009, I took AleXander to the same little neighborhood park Christian and I went to. It is right in the middle of the neighborhood, but looks like it's in a thick wooded forest! And the green and breezes was so nice on our walks, and just about every second of the day!

This Oregon re-cap will have to be divided into two entries, as I have turbo boy and we also need to get out the door - even though it's 110 today. Back to reality that is the 5-month conflagration.

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