Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Stupid Cats and Little Chicken-Hawks

Okay, here here is a quick art update to start off today's post. The first two pictures are the same pumpkin. It has a pirate theme in some areas and even a Lord of the Rings shout-out. 

The picture of the next two pumpkins were actually not quite finished when the shot was taken, but they have since been completed and are happy in their new respective homes.

And there's two-dimensional projects as well. This picture below shows just how busy yesterday (Tuesday) was. The skull and cross-bones is something a return customer requested. I just sent her the digital files of the scanned work and will mail the original art to her tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers it's what she wanted and she's happy with the results. 

The other work shown is a steampunk theme. The colored work is part of an ongoing project focused at environmental efforts with the Lake of the Woods in Canada (and some of Minnesota) and keeping it clean and preserved. 

And you know it's time to stop drawing for the night when one of the black cats on a pumpkin has the most idiotic looking back legs like this one pictured here.

I feel sorry for my friend Rhonda who ordered the pumpkin. Stupid cat is on her particular large 9-inch pumpkin. Oh well. He'll be improved by the time I finish and send the pumpkin off to her. Maybe he'll have knitted socks on his feet or something.

If that cat is any indication, something has been a little off today. Well, the weather was perfect. Cloudy, rainy, and it never left the 70s! It was the first time in months that I didn't have to scout for a tree to park underneath! 

Did I mention I love October? Well, I love it when it cooperates and it actually becomes Autumn-like. Today was one of those days, but it will warm up again. However, Fall is definitely in the air. 

However, as for today being out of sorts in other areas (besides that stupid looking cat), my work-out today felt "off", and it was even further in a downward spiral when I was on one of the leg and butt weights (one my favorite weights!) and of the nice people came to get me because Alexander's behavior in the kid area than stellar. He had hit or pushed a little girl and he wasn't following directions. He was basically being a punk.

I went in there and spoke to him and had him apologize and we talked about what it meant to apologize. We also talked about what he did. He said he wasn't being nice but he was going "to be nice now". I wasn't sure if that would stick, but I quickly finished the weights, showered and got ready. It's pretty bad when you're in the shower in the gym and you wonder if they're out looking for you again because of your kid's behavior. Not a good feeling. 

When I picked him up, they said he was still not listening to directions. Lovely! I had to sign the "first warning" slip. Great. Second offense is he is picked up immediately. Third offense is a two week suspension. I don't want to get into the fourth offense. Good thing it's Fall Break next week. I informed Mikelle that when I head down to the gym next week, I won't be bringing Alexander with me.  Usually she isn't stuck with babysitting him when I go to the gym (such as on a weekend or one of her half days when I go down there) because he can go with me and play in the kid's area while I'm there. That will not be the case next week.

He did get a consequence for his behavior. He did not receive his McDonald's cheeseburger afterwards (that is usually our tradition after the gym. The Cheeseburger is for him. Not me.)  He was upset, but I think it made a difference. He kept insisting he was going to be nice. Sadly, that didn't win him his cheeseburger. He needed to know the full extent of the consequence of his behavior. Of course I had to hear him crying about it for the next twenty minutes or so, but it was important that he understood that his behavior was unacceptable.  And when he does go back to the gym with me, there will be a lot of talk and warnings leading up to it. He will be reminded again that he will not get the McDonald's fun afterwards if there's any problems. Even though he's not even four yet, he has an impeccable memory. I have no doubt he'll remember losing the McDonald's privilege from today. 

So we'll see how that goes.

Chris and I are concerned that X-man is becoming more and more of a bully. Today just added to more of that concern. Yes, that little three-year-old (well, he'll be four just before Christmas) who is smaller than everyone in the house (including the dog) is becoming a bully. Now is certainly the time to put a lid on that! I wonder if he has the "Chicken-Hawk" syndrome. Remember that character on Looney Tunes? The Chicken Hawk was that small bird who was tough talking and it didn't seem to matter that he was smaller than everyone else. 

Bully? This sweet face? Not if I can help it...!

Well, since today is a little off, that explains the gross headache I have now that is also making me feel sick to my stomach. Time to sign off. I'm sure I'll find countless editing needs to this post tomorrow. 

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