Friday, October 10, 2014

Good News and a Friday!


I admit that the only way you can tell it's Halloween-time at our current residence is all the pumpkins I'm working on. I haven't put out any of our decorations and I don't think I will. I know, I know.... I'm terrible this year. 

But the depressive monkey (Phillip) is also an energy sucker as well. Plus, if we do build this new house, that stuff will just have to be packed up again. Therefore, it's better that it just stays packed for now to make less work for us later. 

I would love to not put any Christmas stuff out too, but I will do a little bit of Christmas decor after Thanksgiving for the sake of the kids. And we'll do a tree. 

Sadly, I don't want to, but we will. :sigh: Yes, the last few months have really done a number on me. Phillip is persistent.'s looking like the new house will finally happen! Yesterday we found out that the value of the appraisal came in higher than originally estimated. That is great news! I am actually beginning to believe this will happen now! I'm excited, but still cautiously excited. I'm certainly not excited enough to put out Halloween decorations (due to all the energy that Phillip already sucked out...), but I'm excited! 

Will we actually break ground this month?! It can happen! I'll share the 3D Mark-ups of the house (below). If the whole project does crash and burn, I can always delete these. 

I know, I'm still so worried and because of that I've clearly put up more  a shield to guard from any disappointment. But obviously, some of that shield is coming down after yesterday's great news about the appraisal. 

Since our land is so hilly, we're building with the land somewhat. We wanted a full basement originally (in this climate, I don't know why more people don't have full basements! It's so nice and cool down there and it's free cold air!), but this walk-out basement is what we're going with. We wanted to build more on a flat area originally, but it was further back on the land and it would have added a lot to the cost for building materials and stuff to be moved back there from the road to begin building.

Front view
Back view
And the house will give the kids more space which means I'll have more space in my head to hopefully rebuild some sanity, if that's even possible. 

And even more importantly, Alexander will have HIS.OWN.ROOM. He's been in our room since he was born. That also means he ends up in our bed more often that not. That will end with this new house. No matter how hard it'll be, it will end!  I don't know if he'll be potty trained (don't get me started on that subject again), but he will be in his own room! If he wets the bed, it'll be his bed and not ours. 

Yeah, he'll hate me later for this post. I'll blame my absentee sanity.


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