Sunday, September 8, 2013

I had the fun of creating a custom artwork featuring the Greek island of Karpathos. Hopefully someday my art career will take off and I can have the ability to afford to travel to these wonderful places that people have asked me to capture in art!

Here it is, pre-color!

And then now....

I was also commissioned to do a large custom motif for a birthday gift. She is turning 19 and is about to graduate from beauty school. She loves old and new punk rock, Halloween, and Star Wars. This one was a lot of fun (aren't they all?! lol...). In fact, Chris says this is one of his favorites. 

The color example was taken at a weird angle, I realize. 

I'm also offering my designs in Iphone format! The examples shown are for an Iphone 5, but it also works for Iphone 4. I can even do any recent model (Samsung...etc...), but the price would be adjusted for those as I only get free shipping on the Iphone 4 and Iphone 5. 

Side and back view of phone case
I admit to still feeling frustrated with lack of interest and traffic. I shouldn't. I've had more sales in the last month than I have since November. However, I guess it's the dreams of making more of a career at this and seeing how far that summit is to climb, if it is to be reached at all.

We artists are so moody, I know...

I also completed another project this week, but that cannot be posted yet. It'll have to wait for a bit. That's all I'm going to say about that. :-)

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