Monday, July 8, 2013

Last week was the Fourth of July and we went to see Monsters University. Oh my gosh...I think it's my new favorite Pixar! 

Best line ever: "I can't go back to jail!" 

However, many other lines rival that one. 

Sadly, due to Alexander's antics, Chris didn't see much of it. Therefore, I think Chris and I will be the weirdo adults who go out to see it again by ourselves!

Two days later we went to the annual Fourth of July party thrown by Chris's cousin Brandon. We missed last year due to our Flagstaff trip. I knew this year would be more stressful due to worrying about Alexander and keeping track of him and what he would try to get into, etc etc. However, Christian had a hard time as well due to the typical Fourth of July heat, mosquitoes later, and then when a storm came through and the power went off, he didn't deal well with that.   

But the fireworks were over by then, so the timing in that aspect was good!

Me? I love a good storm and the power outage certainly made things interesting when you have crowds of people hanging out in the dark! Haha But we had to duck out during the rain and storm and power outage due to Christian's anxiety.  And sadly, even though Brandon and his family live less than 10 miles away, it was bone dry the closer we got to our neighborhood. Bummer. I wished the storm came through here as well.

Gotta love Monsoon Season!

However, Chris wasn't too pleased to leave because he wanted to spend more time with his cousins and other family members (his aunt and both uncles were there too). This is pretty much the only time he gets to see that side of his family, so the realities of why we had to leave were a little frustrating. I enjoy seeing them too and wish we could spend more time with them.
Our Crew just before leaving for the party. I see the love between Christian and Mikelle. Don't you?

Last Friday we caught a video of Alexander in our cupboard. As I state on YouTube, I questioned uploading the video because it is a hidden corner of the kitchen that leaves MUCH to be desired. Due to our X-man's "exploration", we've decided not to fix that cupboard until we're about to move, because it will just be "attacked" again. As you can see, we don't even store anything in it anymore. Well, Alexander likes to use the storage for his own purposes. His adorable declaration at the end makes it all worth it though. He says, "I love you too, Mommy."

And I have nothing to do with this video, but Friday night I was laughing so hard I was crying. It's called "How General Authorities Eat Their Reeses PB Cups." 

Fellow LDS people will totally get it. For those of you four or five people total that read this blog that may not be LDS, check out some videos of these General Authorities talking so you can understand the impressions.

As for the artwork from the home front, here is the custom family artwork from a local friend that I mentioned a few entries ago.  I have an actual scan of it, but the computer is being so wonky when I try to do any adjustments or cropping on it. Therefore, here's the snapshot of it. He wants to give it to his parents to hang at the place they have on the beach in California:
And below is some Tribute artwork for the 19 Fallen firefighters. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. I'll probably just send it to the Mayor's office in Prescott and they can decide. And perhaps I'll send a thumb drive with an official scan and any friend or family of the fallen can have the image if they like. I don't know. I felt like I had to do something. It's hard when something is so heartbreaking and tragic and we feel so helpless....
Anyway, signing off for now. Today I start my last session of Summer Art classes! And since we're moving in a year, this will be the last of them for my Queen Creek crew. :-(

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