Saturday, July 20, 2013

Final Summer Art Project and Funky "Bad Hair"

To finish up the re-cap of July's Art Session, here is the last major project (and a bonus "extra" project).

Many people associate Picasso's art with the funky designs from his cubism days. However, as I mentioned on a previous entry from last summer's lessons, he began with very traditional type of art, and he showed his fantastic abilities at a very young age (see the "Old Fisherman", from the link above...he was only 14 when he painted that). 

1903 Picasso's "Old Guitarist"
This is Picasso's 1903 work "The Old Guitarist". This would serve as the springboard for our final project. The irony behind the project is we take a painting from Picasso's early traditional works and the collage approach we would take makes our results resemble his later cubist works. 

Because the original Old Guitarist was from Picasso's Blue Period, we noted the Monochromatic nature of the original and what "Monochromatic" means. 

The collage they would create would also be Monochromatic. Also coincidentally blue, but that was because I had more variations of different blue papers - not because of Picasso's blue period.  I would usually let the students choose which Monochromatic color they would create the collage with (see examples below), but since it was the last day and I had mostly blue variations, that's what we went with. 

Examples of Monochromatic Old Guitarist Collages


I had my two older students create their guitar with more of the proportions and positions from the original Picasso painting, and the two younger ones could just explore the color variations and create their guitarist to hold the guitar. 

 One of the older students has to finish his guitarist's feet and legs at home. I hope he finishes and sends me a picture!  (hint...hint! lol)

Since it was the last day that we were finishing, different students were done before the others, so I presented this fun "extra" which is called Bad Hair Day.  Students uses their name and if they like, other aspects about themselves to create the hair.


The Bad Hair Day Fun including one I was drawing to show them how "free" you can be with this project.

No matter what I do, it keeps uploading like this instead of vertical.

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