Friday, September 23, 2011

Nine Months Already!

Yesterday AleXander turned 9 Months. He's now been around as long as I was pregnant. I swear the pregnancy lasted longer because it wasn't nearly as pleasant. SLOW DOWN X-MAN! Stop using your Growth Accelerator Powers! He's also cut his teeth (bottom two) way earlier than his brother and sister. Sure, he cut his teeth when other babies do, but way early in this household. Mikelle was 12 months and Christian was 11 months.

He's now into EVERYTHING. Childproofing is a must. In some cases, we have to childproof what we childproofed. I was also worried his early standing skills would yield walking by now. Thank goodness that hasn't happened. He can't even stand alone yet. Let's hope he continues that trend!

Last week Papa and Grandma Georgia came in for a two day visit. They went to Mikelle's school to have lunch with her on one day and Christian the next. The night before, we went to San Tan Flat for dinner. This is where we took the pictures below. I love the "goofy" picture, because even AleXander participated!

And Mikelle and AleXander:

Mikelle, Christian and AleXander:
(11 years, 7 1/2 years, almost 9 months)
I love this picture of my X-man because he looks so much like his brother!

I finished another large Circle Motif for SunDust Gallery. When I took it in to the framing spot to get matted today I realized I made this one too large for the frame size I use! When I was completing this motif, it felt as if this particular circle felt more challenging when I did it. However, I thought it was just because I only had one contact lens in the last couple of days and my eyesight was really paying the price. But no, it's because I measured the circle wrong (and yes, my eyesight was cranky the last couple of days). This just means I have to buy a larger frame for the matte they cut. Therefore, it means I have to watch the frame sales again. Oh well.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Circle Motifs at SunDust Gallery

This week I dropped off my first four pieces at SunDust Gallery in Downtown Mesa. I didn't expect to make it into a gallery so soon! Therefore, I am quite excited and having a hard time believing it's happening! While I love color, and love using watercolors and acrylic paint, these pieces deal primarily with pen and ink motifs on paper of various designs. My official artist statement pertaining to these specific methods and medium is:

A fun way to describe the approach to this particular type of artwork would be “Doodles on Steroids”. However, there is certainly more meaning behind the designs than random doodles. I am attracted to the realism of certain objects, but I cannot stop there as I’m pulled towards the various ways to explore different arrangements, shape and value and “tweak” otherwise simple and mundane things into whimsical combinations with various rhythms and some repetition to give unity to the composition. Taking this approach with these arrangements, I also experiment with some color, while leaving the black and white dominance. I do attempt to plan out some designs, but then they ultimately prove to have a mind of their own and take off into other directions. I am always surprised at the end result, because it is never what I envisioned when I began.

The other large circular motif, followed by the "triptych":

Details of the Triptych:

Two more large circular motifs (like the first three) are currently in the works!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

“Christian, for one, welcomes our future computer overlords."

Yesterday in his second grade class, Christian had a worksheet about a story of a "Big Hog's House". He answered the questions about the story and the last question was: "On the back of this paper, write a paragraph about your home."

This is what he wrote (I won't include spelling and grammar errors):

My home has 2 computers and both have different kinds of Windows. 1 Computer has Windows Vista and the other computer has Windows 7 and a network that is wi-fi (wireless) and ethernet (local - has a wire) in the second one.

If robots ever take over the world and the human race become slaves and subservient to the robots, Christian will be one of the reasons why.


I am quite concerned for AleXander. When babies become mobile, it's normal for them to fall, and occasionally "bonk". But my X-man is constantly hitting his head. This is yesterday's goose egg. Normally, I don't plop him in front of Baby Einstein where he becomes hypnotized, but I am tempted to do it often because it means he'll remain still and won't constantly be on the move to get hurt! If you click on the link below and watch the video on Facebook, you can see why I may be tempted to use the Baby Einstein tool often for his own protection!

Baby Einstein Hypnosis (from July - about 6/7 months) on Facebook:!/video/video.php?v=10150254798559568

And lastly...

To the older lady at JoAnn today: Yes, I know how to take care of my baby. You may not believe in the 5-second rule when they drop their bottle but this is my third kid, I'm 36 years old and I do not need you to critique my parenting. Besides, I was busy looking at the Halloween patterns! Halloween is a sacred holiday and I was trying to figure out my baby's costume. The 5-second rule applies in these matterns. Thank You.

This has been a Jill Public Service Announcement.