Saturday, September 3, 2011

“Christian, for one, welcomes our future computer overlords."

Yesterday in his second grade class, Christian had a worksheet about a story of a "Big Hog's House". He answered the questions about the story and the last question was: "On the back of this paper, write a paragraph about your home."

This is what he wrote (I won't include spelling and grammar errors):

My home has 2 computers and both have different kinds of Windows. 1 Computer has Windows Vista and the other computer has Windows 7 and a network that is wi-fi (wireless) and ethernet (local - has a wire) in the second one.

If robots ever take over the world and the human race become slaves and subservient to the robots, Christian will be one of the reasons why.


I am quite concerned for AleXander. When babies become mobile, it's normal for them to fall, and occasionally "bonk". But my X-man is constantly hitting his head. This is yesterday's goose egg. Normally, I don't plop him in front of Baby Einstein where he becomes hypnotized, but I am tempted to do it often because it means he'll remain still and won't constantly be on the move to get hurt! If you click on the link below and watch the video on Facebook, you can see why I may be tempted to use the Baby Einstein tool often for his own protection!

Baby Einstein Hypnosis (from July - about 6/7 months) on Facebook:!/video/video.php?v=10150254798559568

And lastly...

To the older lady at JoAnn today: Yes, I know how to take care of my baby. You may not believe in the 5-second rule when they drop their bottle but this is my third kid, I'm 36 years old and I do not need you to critique my parenting. Besides, I was busy looking at the Halloween patterns! Halloween is a sacred holiday and I was trying to figure out my baby's costume. The 5-second rule applies in these matterns. Thank You.

This has been a Jill Public Service Announcement.

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