Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Big Blur

I hope by writing this, as I look back on these weeks as a big "blur", I'll have some recollection of some things that actually went on. I think of the newborn days with Mikelle and Christian, and I mostly recall the big blur.

Life moves on. My mom went back to Idaho last week and Chris returned to work this week. Therefore, it's been a little more difficult having a newborn, but it's nothing unexpected or surprising.

Alexander is 3 1/2 weeks now :cry: and it's so hard to see how fast time is moving on.

Two days before my mom returned home, we went to nearby San Tan Flats for dinner. I'm not a big country music person, but the guy they had singing that night was pretty good. The other 2 kids had fun roasting marshmellows on the fire outside. And man, they have huge radioactive size marshmallows there!

San Tan Flats
January 5, 2011

Christian playing with the water, no matter how cold it was that evening.

The excitement of having a baby around, certainly will continue. The kids just love him and they're constantly taking pictures of him. If you combine that with my sick need to take a million pictures, we have a lot of pictures!

2 weeks old

Alexander with another family member, Zoey.
Chris is easily one of the best baby daddies around. I see other dads/husbands that don't "plug in" or help out or act like the baby is just a "blob". It drives me crazy to see what some unacceptable behavior other women accept from their spouses. However, not Chris. Again, I am so lucky to have him. Sure, with Chris back at work now, the nights are a little harder, but when he doesn't have to work, I can count on splitting the baby duties during those nighttime and daytime "blurs".

Alexander certainly has no problem letting us know his opinion on certain things. I wouldn't expect anything less from one of our children.

3 weeks old
A day shy of Alexander turning 3 weeks, the other two kids had a ball with one of their photo sessions complete with the use of the timer.

Mikelle, Christian and Alexander

Since Chris had to return to work on 1/13/10, he and I had a date day on Wed 1/12 with the baby and took him to get his 3 week pictures. Mikelle had cute little nekkid shots when she was 3 weeks, so I continued the tradition with Christian and Alexander. These shots below are "screen shot" quality since I don't have the prints yet to scan and they don't let you copy the images when they email them to you.

1/12/10 - 3 Week Pictures

By the way, the blue blanket was hand made by a sweet lady from church, Susana Gardner.

More Baby Daddy Pics from today. Chris hates when I take pictures of him sleeping, but how can you resist this?


And last night, with Mikelle

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