Friday, February 20, 2009

Caution, Zombies Ahead!

I think I saw this last Friday morning on the news or the Friday before. It cracked me up. Apparently in Texas and Illinois, some knuckleheads hacked into the computer of those traffic signs and changed the messages. There was one that said, "the end is near!"

Anyone that doesn't find this funny has NO sense of humor. Especially since they could have put in racial slurs, disgusting language and all kinds of offensive messages. I fear what would happen if I had the password and hacking ability. In Queen Creek, I would put: "Caution: Big Box nightmares ahead..." or "Welcome to Queen Creek. We'll screw over everything you used to love about this town....and make excuses for it." Or I would say, "Queen Creek....aka Gilbert Part II....Thank your town officials!"

So it's good that I don't have the time to mess with public traffic property.

Plus, if I got caught, I'd get arrested and lose my Fingerprint Clearance which means I would automatically lose my job. So I can't have such fun with certain statements. But if I get laid off due to how our lovely legislators spit in the face of education, then I can have fun hacking.

Wow, a funny Zombie picture turned into me being mad at my town and local and state politicians again. Go figure.


  1. Funny pictures are a form of therapy, it seems. :)

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