Thursday, October 15, 2015

Not Cool, October...Not Cool...

Fall Break is almost over. :Sigh: It's gone by too fast. I've accomplished quite a bit (including a root canal...yayness! But Fall Break is the time to make such needed appointments...), but wished time could have dragged just a little slower. And not just with Fall Break, but with October in general.  And it feels like October is wasting valuable "Autumn Time" around here with the warm weather lingering.

Anyway, this is just a quick post with a picture sent to me by my friend Kristina who gifted the latest pumpkin to her niece, Molly, who received it today. 

Judging from her Facebook post (below), it appears Molly was delighted. 

And I have one more pumpkin order. I'm excited about this one as well. My friend who ordered it knew she wanted a particular theme, but couldn't quite narrow it down. We came up with one that I cannot wait to get started! It has to wait until this weekend. Why? I have two big non-Halloween projects coming to a close right now. One will be done by tomorrow night. The other will be finished this weekend.

As for the first annual Henrichsen Habitat's (aka "The Lazy H Ranch") Halloween decorations, it's been a little frustrating because some needed items are still packed and in boxes. That meant some imperative height and visual interest with these decorations wasn't accomplished with candle pillars that were still packed somewhere. BUT...I went to Goodwill today to find something Halloween-costume related and was able to grab 3 different candle pillars for less than $5. Therefore, these arrangements now look better (than they do in the pictures below that are shown without the stands and pillars) as those cheap and quick pillars sure help to break up the monotony. I will spray paint them black. But they don't look too bad as it is right now. 

And tonight, we put up a shelf over the piano. 

Things are coming along! 

Pre-pillar Height added to decore...
Pre-pillar Height added to decore...
Pre-pillar Height added to decore...
And yes, the Fall Break pedicure. Let's not forget that.

 Now let's think cool, breezy and Fall-like thoughts! 

Until next time....

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