Sunday, December 23, 2012

Don't Blink Or You'll Miss It!

Wow...Tis' the Season for another "catch up" post! I don't like the rush of "catch up" posts, because it feels...well, rushed. 

 Oh well.

Xander-Bug Turns 2
Yesterday my X-man Turned 2! Yes, TWO. Hard to believe. I waited 6 years to get up the guts to have another lil' baby and I had that lil' baby in my arms finally just three days before Christmas in 2010. And now what happened? He's two. Nuts. Completely nuts. No, he's not nuts. It's nuts. Well, sometimes he is nuts. He is a toddler after all.  

These were all taken yesterday on his birthday:

Checking out our Nativity in the front yard.
Sorry this is blurry. Cute present photo, huh?
Good thing for this at the end. He was GOOD at being 2!
Love this Picture
I feel like it was just weeks ago that we were here:

And we took him home from the hospital on Christmas Eve in this reindeer outfit!
New Years Eve 2010; 9 Days Old

Okay, enough with the nostalgia pictures before I start to cry!

Second year of our Birthday Tree tradition!
This year we added a second cupcake ornament for the birthday theme!
The first cupcake ornament from last year to begin the tradition!
Here you can see the Letter "A" Candy Cane ornament
Here you can see the Tiger ornament, as Alexander was born the Year of the Tiger!
But We've Got the Biggest Ba-  
Oh, Never Mind...
A couple of weeks ago after church, we went over by Retail Craziness where they have these giant ornaments and took a few snapshots. Sure, it would have worked out better with clouds and overcast, but where do we live?


Seasonal Blocks
And remember my Halloween blocks? Here is a Christmas "Be Merry" set I made for a friend and a "Noel" set I made for me. I'm still not finding the right combination of colors for the letters! Grrrrr!
Someone wants me to make her a Valentines set. Let's see if I can get the letter colors right!

High Honors
Christian received High Honors (A- percentage group) at the end of this Quarter Sure, it's a step down from the Principal's List group (A to A+ percentage group) that he received from the first quarter, but I'm not complaining! lol

And afterwards, I HAD TO get a picture of him with his teacher. It was PJ Day and she just went for it. I love it! Christian is thrilled too. Can't you tell?

On, Donner! On, Blitzen! On, Chewy! On, Tavo! C'mon, Becto!
My previous post, I showed Mikelle's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Production. Here is her Christmas Production from her "Crew" group at school. She was one of the Reindeer!

Sure, I would have loved a close-up picture of her afterwards with the antlers, but we saw what happened when I tried that with the Dwarf play. Still, she was a lot more pleasant this time around. I can't say the same for Alexander during the play. Chris was standing outside in the rain with him (under an awning) watching through a window because X-Man wasn't quite feeling the cheer of the season.

This is Awesome. I want it on a T-shirt!

Bye Bye 2012
We survived the 12/21/12 prediction and tomorrow is Christmas Eve.

 I admit, I'm a little sad how fast this season has approached. I wouldn't mind backing up to Halloween again and trying again! I tend to get a little sad when Christmas is over - unless I'm on a vacation and there is a lot planned before and after. However, this year, it's going to be rather hum-drum. Yes, this year is a Christmas where we don't really see any family. It happens every other year or so. But don't get me wrong - it's not like this is  a bad Christmas. I am just nostalgic for Christmas traditions of yore.  However, I love having kids and seeing them enjoying it each year. It goes by way too fast. The fact that Mikelle is 12 now is just crazy. And just tonight I had the joy of seeing Alexander watching a Christmas light show at someone's home when you park in front and turn your radio station to a posted frequency. 

And watch out...another Photo Nostalgia moment:

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