Friday, October 12, 2012

Two Weeks Survival

Fall Break. I almost survived it! But I'm getting ahead of myself.  When I don't post here as soon as I should, things get left out. Therefore, I'll add some recent Facebook posts to bring things up to speed. One of them is quite exciting!

Earlier today:
It's so nice to rollerblade when it's in the 70s! Oh, to live where it's like this all summer! (now to just get it to be overcast...)

But it'll be back in the 90s next week. GROWL!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday (10/11/12):  
So I have Christian go outside to pick up doggie poo to earn part of his allowance. He comes in a few minutes later and says, "Well, now I know what happened to one of my little Lego people..."

Wednesday (10/10/12):  
I found out that Christian can go for hours and be entertained driving around neighborhoods and seeing all the different names of WiFi networks. He just needs someone willing to do the driving. His favorite one tonight? One called "Not Yours" 

Tuesday (10/09/12):  
Reading scriptures tonight, there was a part about the devil and it described him as "miserable". Chris stopped to talk to the kids about what that means. Christian asked, "You mean, like Squidward?"

lol ...

so the discussion went of how yes, Squidward can be miserable, but he's not a miserable person out to make everyone miserable and then certain episodes were cited. Too funny.

Also Tuesday (10/09/12):  
Wow! Yellow letter day for me! I dropped off my Dia De Los Muertos artwork at Sundust and Ron informed me that my original YELLOW COW sold! I don't know what day it was....but wow! I didn't expect that! Yay for the Yellow Cow! (prints are always available through me though....don't forget! More of his friends would love it if they had homes too) 
Photo of the Original Yellow Cow in Black Round Matte 
Saturday (10/6/12):  
Chris left for Priesthood early to run some errands first. Then called from a weird number to say he left his phone at home and can I text his friend Mark and tell him he's on his way to meet him at the chapel. So I did. Then I realized I needed something from Chris and texted Mark (poor Mark). The conversation went as follows:

Mark: Ok, but I haven't seen him yet, but I saw his truck out there.
Me: He doesn't have the truck. He took the other car. (I described it)
Mark: lol...Okay...I will find him. His puffy hair is usually pretty easy to pick out in a crowd.
Me: He just got a haircut
Mark: Crap. I will have to look harder then.
Me: He'll be wearing a white shirt and tie. 

Also Saturday (10/6/12): This is me this week with the Fall Break "Spring" Cleaning and painting:

Back to the title of this entry...
So today is the last day of Fall Break. The kids had two weeks. The first of the two weeks, Chris took a week off. Therefore, I was pretty much the above "gentleman" with painting projects (thanks to Alexander, the walls and a Sharpie) and other things that "had to be done". 

And yes, the original of my Yellow Cow sold! I was very surprised and excited to hear that! Things are happening!! Sure, not as quick as I would like, but they're happening. I dropped off the Original of my Dia De Los Meurtos on Tuesday. (And like the Yellow Cow, you can also purchase color prints of this through me as well):
And lastly, what is the deal with Alexander twisting his shirts like this? This is after the shirt has been on for awhile. Maybe he's trying to take the shirt off. I mean, he likes to take his diaper off (yeah, THAT is fun...), so maybe he's trying to take his shirt off and having a tough time figuring it out. But still...this twisted shirt thing is happening more and more. It only seems to happen at home though. So I don't know. He's such a goofball.


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