Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One Way to Tell Your Son is Clearly in Kindergarten!

So Chris comes home from work about 45 minutes early (seriously, a treat!), but is grumpy but tells the kids to get in the car so they can go get Tacos for Taco Tuesday at the local dive. Chris was in a "let's go now! go! go! go!" state of mind.

Christian didn't have shoes on.
Chris says, "get your shoes on,"
Christian says, "okay. But I have to do three things first (this is complete with finger gestures, holding up number of fingers as he spoke)
  • "First, I have to peeee..."
  • "Second, I have to turn off the computer...."
  • Third, I -"
Chris cut him off before we got to the third one and said, "stop talking about it and go DO it." I had to go laugh somewhere. But my laughing was interrupted by the fact that there was a missing shoe and Christian was no help in finding it because he was in the middle of the first one from his list: peeeeing

I am hoping to update this blog soon with some fun little artsy examples from my students in these first weeks of the new school year. I took the photos of the artwork, but now I have to pursue actually uploading them and sorting. What didn't help was the first week of school for my students (second week for Christian and Mikelle), some throat/achy thing hit me. It was bad enough to have called in sick if it WASN'T THE FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL! Then Chris got it the following week. But so far *knocking on wood* the kids seem to have escaped it.


  1. Okay....so I can't stop laughing, that is so funny ( First, I have to peeeee) HAHAHAHA. He is quite a character. Can't wait to see you guys next month!!!!

  2. LOL. Isaiah always announces,"I have to go potty!" Then GO already! Kids are so funny! I love Christian's listing speech.