Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Doldrums. Words from the Cocoon...

...or maybe I should say 'cave'. That's what Chris calls it. I admit I haven't updated this blog in awhile because I didn't want it to be a downer post. The heat has been brutal, and there have been some depressing things going on. Nothing that's changing our lives paths or anything. Just some "bummers", a tragedy involving one of my students, and disappointments that haven't made the pits of this summer hell any better.

Anyway, so I burrow into my cave this time of year anyway, and then get upset when the kids are driving me bonkers along with the cabin fever. So I venture out and then get nauseated with the heat and impatient, cranky and headachy, and then go back in the cave. It's a vicious circle. There's no going hiking or to the park, due to the heat. And I am trying not to run out of money before my first paycheck of the school year, so going to the mall or movies doesn't sounds too good either. I've been better at budgeting my big summer check than last year, but let's just say there isn't much $$$ left! (and it's 95% my own fault, due to um, Oregon vacations and other things to make the summer much, um "nicer". Know what I mean?)

Therefore, instead of going on and on about how evil this heat is (even though it IS in fact, completely evil), here are some 4th of July pictures.
The picture above is from the 4th of July when Christian held one of his baby (2nd) cousins. I love how sweet he looks in this picture. Despite all the antics and tantrums and bad moments, this is a side of him that surfaces a lot, and pictures like that are sweet reminders of who he is, even though there are those times I often want to pull my hair out.

Below are three pictures of Christian and Mikelle. The first two taken in the throws of the daylight heat before we left for the annual fireworks nearby at the home of one of Chris's cousins. Despite how much I LOATHE the summer heat and LOATHE Independence Day occurring in JULY (if only Thomas Jefferson could have written and presented the Declaration of Independence anytime between OCTOBER & MARCH! Even April wouldn't have been too bad!), I do look forward to this annual party. We don't have much family left locally, so getting together with family for this event is a lot of fun, and something we really do cherish.

The last picture was taken when the night was nearing an end, and Christian was clearly coming off his sugar high. I promise he is NOT flipping off the camera. He was more than ready to go to bed, and he was even demanding that we go home so he could sleep. Oh, and another factor of this time of year? Mosquitoes. I swear they've developed some sort of immunity to whatever insect repellent you use, and how much of it that is used.


  1. Looks like alot of fun, other then the heat. I am sorry that it has been so hot up there. I think you should just spend your whole summer where it is just a little cooler. I think this week is going to be the first time we make it to 90.;) Good luck!!!

  2. I feel for you. July in Arizona isn't fun. Just be glad you aren't pregnant to boot. :)

    Love the pictures. Christian is totally flipping the camera off, don't try to hide it. :)

  3. Cute photos! I am not a fan of summer or the 4th of July and our summer sounds like it's going a similar vein (with the random sadness). That said, it's barely been in the 70's most days here, which just feels odd, though I'm trying not to complain. Because I hate the heat. Hang in there!!!