Friday, January 16, 2009

Stop that Noise! It's "Ignoring"!

My last post showcased my baby girl, so now for....The Boy! Christian is my baby, my little butt, my crazy man, my tornado, my drama king (actually, Mr. Dramatic is a good term), my Cuddle Bear, and from this picture, it's hard to see what he's capable of. But that's just it. Behind those eyes isn't just the mischief and tenacious determination, but a sweet, loving, funny kid and all those other things along with it.

Due to time, allow me to just give an example of an e-mail exchange between myself and Danielle, the kids' babysitter, just this morning (less than an hour ago, as a matter of fact). I dropped the kids off at 6:20am. Mikelle goes to school with Danielle's son who is the same age as her (last year they were even in the same class, which was nice!) and Christian stays there. On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, he goes to Pre-school for 1/2 a day (and he loves it, by the way. He's really making progress!)

The e-mail I received from Danielle: I figured out what you did to your boy to "t" him off.... You wouldn't let him bring is backpack.... He was naughty!!! HE full fledged punched Noah this morning..

That didn't surprise me, since this morning, Christian was not happy with me and the reality of the day of the week and the fact that his seatbelt was cold, among other things. I replied back:

"We got into a battle about it not being a school day. He said it was Monday and I said it was Friday. He didn’t like that. I don’t know if Peyton told you (since she’s so chipper in the morning) but I said, “Tell your Mom Christian is having a PMS attack this morning.” He was also mad at me because I wouldn’t let him bring his Leapster to your house. Actually, for him freaking out this morning, he's had a good week so I figure we were due for a fit like this. But he did get into trouble (3 time outs, 2 sends to his room, and one butt swat) yesterday afternoon for various hits on Mikelle and the dog. I’m sorry he did that to Noah. I’m sure you had him in time-out. Do it again for longer if you need to. Hopefully he’ll get the message. But he should take a good nap since I think he also got up on the wrong side of the bed.

(I’m going to get yelled at in a minute) I’m blasting Doors music in here and I know Michelle, the Special Ed teacher next door is going to say something when the bell rings and kids come in! lol I don’t have kids on Fridays until 8:35 and there’s nothing like loud freaky dark gritty Doors music at 7:30am on a Friday! Hey, it beats sacking out on her couch like I did yesterday morning."

And a few minutes later, her reply to me:

He did go to timeout and then he was fine.. He is playing like normal now. Chance goes to school in about 30 mins so the house will calm down and he will be fine.... Lane was playing with the baby this morning and making blubber noises and Christian was like STOP IT, STOP IT and I said "Stop what? " He said "Lane that noise, its ignoring" I found that ironic since he is the one always making those kind of noises.. he got over it when Lane stopped.

So just that snippet today should pretty much sum up life in the crazy Henrichsen Habitat (and the Danielle's House habitat. Hey, it "takes a village", remember? lol)

Christian is growing up too fast (the pictures below are going in age decending order, unlike Mikelle's that went the other way. Hey, I'm at work and shouldn't be "blogging" anyway! lol But it's the Fri before a 3 day weekend! lol), and even though he has days like this, I hope that through me, his Dad, gems like Danielle, teachers, etc, that he's being led in the right direction!
He's certainly not wasting time growing in the right direction!


  1. The cutest ones are always the most mischievous. I think it's a rule.

  2. Christian is in a class of his own, but quite adorable. I am waiting to have one like him, I know it is going to happen and when it does I will be calling you all the time " How do I handle this one" :) Brisa is my closest, but being a girl she has her own issues:)

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  4. Won't it be fun to share these things with him when he is "old & mature".....ever? I think he is the greatest boy! Tell him grandma Georgia loves him!