Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christian's Favorite YouTube

I occasionally let my kids on YouTube with close monitoring. Someone pointed me in the direction of this video through an email once, and Christian came in when I was watching it. He's been addicted ever since to it. He can watch this OVER and OVER. And he does.

Actually, he got attached to this video LAST YEAR. We returned from our Christmas vacation in Oregon on Dec 30, and then I think I let him watch this video for a few more days after that. Then, we were done. Okay, I was done.

But, 10 1/2 - 11 months later, we're in the car and I'm flipping the channels. This Trans-Siberian Orchestra song (Wizards in Winter - it's also on my Playlist below) was on and Christian immediately remembered it and piped up, "Christmas lights on house! 'Christmas lights on house!" So guess what we're back to watching over and over? Yep. You guessed it.

Hey, I'm not really complaining. First, I love the music. Two, I love that the one YouTube video my son loves is this one and not some vulgar thing or a guy making armpit noises to the tune of Baby Got Back or something. I'm going to enjoy this innocence while it lasts, and yes, continue to closely monitor my kids' "You Tube Viewing".

And three, I'm just glad I don't live across the street or next door to this house!
Can you imagine? Hey, I love the holidays like anyone, but this sort of thing is best kept at a distance, like on YouTube, rather than across the street.

I'm going to try to link it directly into this post. But in the meantime, here's the linky (and if anyone knows how to attach a YouTube vid into a post, please enlighten me):

"Christmas Lights on House!



  1. I think you get an embed code from Youtube. But I've never actually done it...so who knows?

    Your header is up and running. If you hate it, let me know, and I'll tweak. I personally quite like it, though. Makes me wish I had done mine like that this year, hee hee. :)

  2. I like that youtube video. I think that they are pretty neat.
    As for the Youtube link they will walk you step by step if you want to embed a video on your blog. It is pretty easy to follow what they say.

  3. Love it!!!! Garon kept on laughing and saying "Silly house", then half way through he was like " mom turn it off, it is giving me a headache" Now he is asking for it over and over. I think I will have a migraine before this day is over. :)